6 Incredibly Romantic Destinations

Travelling to a romantic destination with your loved one is a great way to relax together and strengthen your bond as a couple. It is also a wonderful way to create lasting memories that you can reminisce about for the rest of your lives. Here are 6 incredibly romantic destinations that you will never forget.

New York

New York City is a fabulous destination for couples who are seeking romantic surroundings. Head to the top of the Museum of Modern Art and sip martinis on the terrace while taking in the stunning view of Manhattan and Central Park. Stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge where you will catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty and breath-taking views of lower Manhattan. Have a romantic picnic in Central Park and then explore this stunning oasis in the middle of a dense concrete city. Head to the top of the Empire State Building and take in the stunning skyline view that couples have been flocking to for decades.


Cyprus is a great place for romance and it is a very popular destination for adult only holidays. This island in the middle of the Mediterranean offers many exciting things to do like scenic coastal walks, stunning white sand beaches, and trekking the Troodos Mountains. It also has a fabulous nightlife and frequent musical concerts including an outdoor opera in Pafos in September.


Paris is known as the City of Romance and it is a great place for couples to escape to. You can wander along the Seine and crisscross over many bridges that cross the river. Head to the top of the iconic Eiffel Tower and take in the bird’s eye view of this glorious city as the sun sets. Take in a show at the fabulous Moulin Rouge after exploring the city all day. Spend a day at the Louvre to see the many beautiful works of art that are housed in this museum. The city is filled with many amazing restaurants and cafes so make sure you indulge at every meal.


The romantic country of Italy is a filled with beautiful architecture, glorious art, stunning landscapes, and sweeping stretches of coastline that will take your breath away. Head to Rome where you can explore the ancient Colosseum and explore the mysteries of the Vatican City. Take a trip to Florence where you can see the great works of the Renaissance masters Donatello, Leonardo da Vinci, and Michelangelo. Travel to the Tuscan countryside and stay in a romantic villa surrounded by golden olive groves, lavender fields, and other stunning scenery. Rent a car and drive along the Amalfi Coast and take in the breathtaking scenery along this scenic coastal highway.


Bhutan is 2200 m above sea level and it is located in the Himalayas. This stunning small country is one of the most romantic places on earth. Jomolhari is a towering mountain that is great for trekking and it takes around 12 days to complete. The trail is filled with fortresses and ancient Buddhist monasteries that are nestled amongst glorious flora and fauna and breathtaking views from every part of the trail. Take a hot air balloon ride over the beautiful Phobjikha Valley where you will see unspoiled wilderness and pristine blue rivers in this glacial valley. You can go on a luxury tour of Bhutan which will allow you to see all the finest sights this country has to offer without having to worry about anything.


The Cotswolds are a lovely romantic area that is about a 90 minute drive from London. You can rent a cabin in the woods with a hot tub and spend your days exploring the surrounding area and your nights watching the breathtakingly beautiful stars. There are plenty of woodland trails to explore or you can jump in your car and explore the small towns and cities like Chipping Norton, Bourton-on-the-Water, Chipping Camden, Cirencester, and Stow on the Wold.