600 Days of Travel and a Small Announcement

600 Days of Travel and a Small Announcement

Today marks 600 days since we left for Buenos Aires together in January 2013. While I’ve kept up with putting out our monthly reports, I haven’t done a 100 day review for a while.

Well, I thought it was about time for another one, since it may or may not be clear by now if you’ve been following our blog carefully, that Zab and I did something we’ve never done before (and probably won’t do again) in the last 100 days.

We got married!

On 13th August 2014, our ninth anniversary, we legally became a married couple in the UK, and by extension any other country that will recognise the marriage of a same sex couple.

Just married...with our certificate

just married…with our certificate

We’ve been talking about doing this for several years, but it was only this year that it became a legal possibility in the UK, the country where we are officially resident at the moment.

Originally, I didn’t want to celebrate it at all, and was just interested in doing it for the legal benefits. However, we eventually agreed that by marrying on our anniversary, we would have a reason that I was happy with to celebrate.

The ceremony itself was still very small (in fact as small as legally possible) with just us, the registrar, superintendent and two witnesses; our mothers.

(As a tangent, it turned out that by a strange coincidence, it was as we were arriving at the registry office that my mum realised that it was round the corner from the halls of residence which were the first place she lived in London when she went there as a student almost forty years earlier!)

When we first told people this is how we wanted to get married, some were disappointed, but in the end they understood why we’d chosen to do it that way. We didn’t want the drama (and indeed expense) of inviting everyone we know and trying to satisfy other people’s expectations of what our wedding should be.

celebrating with our immediate family (top left: Zab and one of his sisters); top right: me and my brother; bottom: Zab's two other sisters and our mothers)

celebrating with our immediate family (top left: Zab and one of his sisters); top right: me and my brother; bottom: Zab’s two other sisters and our mothers)

We did however, celebrate directly afterwards with our immediate family: our mothers, Zab’s sisters and my brother, by having a lovely vegan afternoon tea, and they all treated us to a night in the attached hotel, which was a very nice surprise.

in our bathrobes at the hotel

in our bathrobes at the hotel

A couple of weeks later, we had a couple of parties with our friends and family, just as we had done for previous anniversaries.

We’re both very happy to be married, and we’re even happier about how we did it. I’m still enjoying referring to Zab as my husband and hearing others do the same, a novelty which I doubt will wear off quickly.

I also enjoy the subtle ways in which we subverted people’s expectations of how couples get married.

For example, I came to the registry office in the afternoon directly from teaching in the morning, there were no guests (except the witnesses), Zab was wearing jeans, we didn’t exchange rings and we won’t be changing our names.

And perhaps most surprisingly, we’re not going on a honeymoon…at least not yet!


Obviously, getting married isn’t all we’ve done in these last 100 days.

We’ve done some other cool stuff too, like eating some great vegan food in Berlin, eating vegan in Vienna, hanging out in Cesky Krumlov and eating raw vegan in Prague, having our first experience housesitting and learning to prepare some raw vegan dishes in Stockholm.

We also spent a lot of time with good people, such as our closest and oldest friends (Jill, Alex, Björn, Robert, Manuel, Toby, Jody, Luke, Natalie, Julie, Theo, Uli) and family, plus we met up with some of our favourite travel bloggers, Victoria and Steve, Dan and Audrey and Simon and Erin.