Amazing Places to Visit in 2018

As the cold winter months draw nearer, thinking about next year’s travel plans can be a welcome escape. It’s never too soon to start planning and booking your travel and accommodation, if you’ve decided where you want to go and when then you can keep an eye out for the best deals. 2018 will be here before we know it, so let’s fill it with exploration and adventure and make it the best year yet!

  1. Italy

Italy is an amazing country that nearly fifty million people visit each year. It is filled with exciting historical cities like Florence, Rome, Venice, and Pisa that offer stunning cathedrals, monuments, and wonderful art around every corner. It is also filled with stunning natural scenery so be sure you explore the Amalfi coast, the Tuscany countryside, and Lake Como. The country is known for its fabulous food and wine so be sure to indulge at every chance that you get.

  1. Greece

Greece is a stunning country that is popular with tourists because of its beautiful beaches, rich historical ruins, and the variety of things to do and see. If you’re going to be exploring Greece with a group of friends then it might be worth booking your accommodation in advance. There are plenty of good youth hotels or if you want to treat yourselves you could rent a villa. It is quite common for accommodation to have its own pool, however if you are staying on the coast then you can swim in the sea.

There are thousands of beaches in Greece ranging from fine sand, different coloured pebbles, and rock. Be sure to head to the capital city of Athens where you can see the Acropolis citadel and the Parthenon temple. Charter a boat and go island hopping to explore the many islands along the Greek coastline. Be sure to sample the local wine and indulge in the fabulous food that this country has to offer.

  1. Austria

Austria is a thrilling place to explore and there are plenty of fun things to do and see. The Alps are a great place for an adventure and you can explore small villages, go skiing, heli skiing, trekking, tobogganing, or go ice climbing on frozen waterfalls. Rent a car and explore the stunning 48km stretch of Grossglockner Road that is filled with stunning glaciers, gleaming lakes, and 36 switchbacks that will leave you breathless. There are plenty of great accommodations, spas to relax in, and fabulous restaurants where you can indulge to your heart’s content.

  1. Nepal

Nepal is nestled high in the Himalayas and it is a great place to go trekking. You can hire Sherpas to help you with your trek up to exciting places like the Annapurna Base Camp, Poon Hill, and the Everest base camp. Make sure you also take the time to explore Chitwan National Park where you can walk the trails, take a canoe ride or explore the Elephant Breeding Centre.

Make sure you take wear plenty of layers as the temperature can fluctuate by 20 degrees most days. If you’d like to volunteer then there are plenty of ways you can contribute; you could join a teaching programme, look after the local animals or help with a sustainable construction project. 

  1. Queenstown, NZ

Queenstown is an exciting city that is great for adventurers. Be sure to explore the stunning Remarkables where you can go skiing, snowboarding, or trekking. Lake Wakatipu is beautiful as well and this lightning bolt shaped lake has 212kkm of shoreline that is filled with exciting coves that you can explore.

Take the time to visit the Underwater Observatory where you can see brown trout, freshwater eels, and ducks diving for food. Try some adventure tourism and go bungee jumping, zip lining and many other exciting things. There are plenty of great accommodations and the city has a great nightlife as well.