The American Adventure Holidays You’ll Want to Add to Your Bucket List

To experience an adventure holiday like no other there’s no need to fly to a remote location. Instead, you just need to venture to America, which is a playground for even the most well-travelled adventurers.

Below, we’ve uncovered some fantastic American adventure holidays that you’ll definitely want to tick off your bucket list:

Raft Through the Grand Canyon

Venturing along the Colorado river, this Western adventure can take just short of a week to complete. Escaping from civilisation, you won’t just get to experience the thrill of rafting along this iconic river, but you’ll also get to enjoy some peace and quiet while you’re at it, too. You’ll camp along the way, spending the night under the stars, with some trips also offering the chance to hike along the canyon or continue further towards Diamond Creek.

Hike Around Zion National Park

In Utah, Zion National Park offers a range of expeditions and nature trails. For example, one of the classic hikes available includes a descent into the Virgin River canyon, where the width of the canyon can be as little as 20ft while the rock walls climb up to 2,000ft. It probably goes without saying that you won’t remain dry throughout this hike!

Cycle Along Glacier National Park

If you like to hop on your bike, you’ll love the Going-to-the-Sun Road which is found in Glacier National Park, Montana. Gravity works to help you along the route, but you will need to do this before 6 pm as the highway is closed to cyclists after this time. However, you’ll definitely want to see where you’re going because the highway often runs above the treelines meaning you’re constantly looking at stunning panoramic views.

Explore Grand Teton National Park

Whether you’re a hiker or a climber, this breathtaking mountainous area has got plenty to offer you. The 13,770ft summit requires safety equipment and ropes to reach, but it’s not as difficult to reach Middle Teton, which lies at 12,804ft.

However, even if you’re an amateur, you can still experience the jaw-dropping peaks that are available here. The drama and beauty of this area can be appreciated from any height, so even if you’re on the valley floor, you’ll still get to enjoy the fantastic scenery on offer.

Whether you’re just getting started on your adventure holidays or you’re looking for something new and exhilarating, America’s diverse landscapes are well worth visiting.