The Best Countries in South-East Asia for Adventures

It is no secret that the best place to head for an adventure is south-east Asia. Every year, adventure-seeking backpackers flock to this fantastic part of this world and embark on life-changing and eye-opening experiences. In addition to astonishing natural beauty in this area, there is also an intriguing history, rich culture and plenty more.

There are dozens of great countries to visit in this area for an adventure, but here are a few of the best:


When you think of south-east Asia, there is a good chance that Thailand will be the first place to spring to mind. Here you will find ancient ruins, ornate temples, mountainous regions, thick jungle and tropical beaches. There are many adventures to be had here, including jungle trails, visiting hidden temples and wildlife spotting just to name a few. For the best adventures, it is best to book through holiday organisers like Exodus – companies like this can arrange unique experiences and activities that other tourists miss out on.


Vietnam is another popular south-east Asia country that boasts stunning natural surroundings. One of the interesting things about Vietnam is the fact that it stretches over a range of climates, countryside and terrain, which ensures that it is very diverse and there are all kinds of adventures to be had. Whether you are exploring the lush countryside by bike, paddling along the waters of Ha Long Bay or immersing yourself in the busy city of Hanoi, you are sure to return home with dozens of great stories to share.


Landlocked between Tibet and India, Nepal is a unique country that sits on the spine of the Himalayas. If you are into hiking and mountain climbing, coming to Nepal is somewhat of a pilgrimage as it is home to the highest peaks on the planet, including Mount Everest. There is hiking and trekking for all ability levels and ages here, but you can also enjoy the wonderful Nepalese culture.


Laos is a small country, but it features everything that is so great about south-east Asia and many travellers label it as their favourite destination. It features verdant forested hills with dramatic waterfalls, rice paddies, underground river caves and ancient temples. Much of northern Laos is untouched and retains a traditional way of life, which is the perfect environment for unique and exciting travel.

South-east Asia is the best place in the world to visit for adventure-seekers and the above countries should be at the top of your list of destinations.