The Best Countries to Retire

If you come from northern Europe or the northern part of North America, you probably dislike the winter more and more as you get older: I mean, I’m only 28 and I already hate it!

Luckily, if you come from a place like this, it means that the money you amass as you age will probably go further in a country further south, which is also therefore warmer.

By using Suncorp’s superannuation calculator, you can see how much money you will likely have once you retire given different variables, such as income and retirement age.

Once you’ve given that a go and worked out your numbers, here is our list of best countries to retire to in order to escape the cold and still get value out of your money.


Many northern Europeans (British people in particular) retire to Spain and for good reason. Public services are of a similar standard to other parts of western Europe, but many things, most notably food (especially fruits and vegetables) are significantly cheaper than in countries further north, for the simply reason that many more things grow in Spain’s temperate climate. And of course, with the reputation of Spain for having some of the best cuisine in Europe, you certainly won’t go hungry!

Plaza Villa, Madrid

Plaza Villa, Madrid


With over 7,000 islands, the Philippines have some of the most amazing beaches in the world, so if the idea of spending your retirement sipping cocktails your own private piece of beach watching the sun set sounds good, this could be the place for you! It’s also one of the cheapest countries in South East Asia, meaning your dollars, pounds or euros could go a long way. And to make it even more appealing, English is very widely and very well spoken throughout this island nation.


At first Ecuador might seem like a risky choice as a retirement destination, but the country has developed rapidly in the last ten years or so and many US Americans have already retired there. The country’s economy is stable, thanks in part to the fact that the US dollar is the official currency, but it still remains affordable, and the range of landscapes and climatic regions in such a small area means that almost everything grows there and that you don’t have far to go from beach to snowy mountains to rainforest.

Vilcabamba valley

Vilcabamba valley

South Africa

As of late, South Africa has become a popular choice for the more intrepid travellers and digital nomads out there, but it could also make an excellent retirement destination. With miles of gorgeous coastline to explore, a temperate rather than tropical climate and a well established wine making tradition (meaning a wealth of inexpensive, good, local wines to choose from), South Africa might just be the new up and coming place to retire to.