The Best Smartphones for Avid Travelers

Traveling has changed thanks to the smartphone. Now you can do any number of activities with your device, such as take pictures, record videos, find restaurants that are off the beaten path, and discover spots that no travel site talks about. You want a smartphone that covers all of your bases and gives you a little extra effort.

But which one do you choose? Do you want a phone with extra battery life, or do you want a phone with the latest camera technology? Some have both, while others have one quality that outshines the rest of the phone’s features. Delve into four of the best smartphones that help meet travelers’ needs.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Image via Flickr by pestoverde

Since Samsung addressed former battery issues in this smartphone model, the Samsung Galaxy S7 remains a practical smartphone for travelers.

The major appeal of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is that it’s dust-proof and waterproof in up to 5 feet of water, ideal for use in the toughest outdoor environment. As a result, you won’t have to worry about accidentally dropping the phone into water and not having access to a replacement phone while you’re away from home.

LG V20

The LG V20 combines practicality with quality technology throughout the phone. Much work went into the camera and three-microphone array of this smartphone. Device owners can grab not only beautiful stills and video, but they also get an audio recording that’s studio quality. An added bonus is the ability to record a separate track over video. Travelers can go back over the video they recorded with their phones and add in their own commentary for playback later.

The practical side of the phone comes with the micro SD slot and removable battery. Both are easily accessed by taking off the back cover on the phone. You won’t have to fumble with getting the card in and out of the slot to get extra storage for your photos and videos.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Apple put effort into its camera design for the iPhone 7 Plus. The camera can go from a 28mm wide-angle format to 56mm for zooming in with no loss of image quality. Additionally, the camera app is fast, responsive, and has no shutter lag, allowing you to capture your ideal shot without waiting for the camera to adjust. It also has an f1.8 aperture that allows more light to enter the camera. Now you’ll be able to easily take a picture of that gorgeous sunset.


The LG G5 has features that any traveler can appreciate. It’s an older flagship phone from the manufacturer, but it has powerful features and accessories to make the phone even more useful. Modular accessories known as LG Friends puts more functionality into the phone with headphones, a camera controller for refined images, and lightweight virtual reality glasses. But perhaps its most useful feature is the swappable battery and how you can replace it.

Traditionally, swapping a battery involved opening up the back of the phone and pulling out the dead battery, then pressing in the new one, but it’s a process that could be problematic when you’re traveling. An improperly placed battery or a back cover that wasn’t snapped on properly meant the phone wouldn’t work or the battery would fall out. LG has taken the bottom bezel and made it the seat for the battery. Pull out the battery, replace it with a new one, and turn the phone back on. Battery replacement is easy, works well on the go, and is convenient for travelers to use.

Regardless of which smartphone you choose, using a smartphone on a reliable network such as T-Mobile can enable you to stay connected to family and friends no matter where you travel. T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network, for example, offers travelers one of the fastest wireless communications networks with unlimited streaming of music and video. No matter how long you’re stuck waiting for a train or plane, you’ll still be entertained.

These phones offer travelers the ability to capture amazing images, take beautiful videos, and avoid a dead battery at the worst possible time. Plus, these devices have the data and wireless connectivity needed for the more practical activities of life.