Digital Nomad (and Vegan) Friendly Cafés in London

Digital Nomad (and Vegan) Friendly Cafés in London

London has a plethora of excellent cafés. Trying to find ones that have good coffee, reliable wifi and ubiquitous power sockets (the holy trinity for digital nomads, if you will) might seem like something of a challenge given the sheer quantity of places in the city. Since many Londoners are already prone to work form their laptops in cafés, there is of course already demand for these facilities nowadays, but since we are always also interested in places with vegan options, that narrows the search a little.

If you’re coming as a digital nomad visitor to London, and have short-listed some places to eat, perhaps including a luxury restaurant in London, and made a to-do list of the sights you’d like to check out, finding the best work places will be the next thing to sort out, so we’ve saved you the trouble. Here are some of the most digital nomad friendly places we’ve found in London that also have some vegan options.


London’s first ever pay-per-minute café, this place is a hub for creatives, entrepreneurs and daydreamers alike. As their website says “everything is free inside except the time you spend here”. At £0.05 a minute, an hour will cost you £3. Donating something the café wants (such as a board game, vinyl record or your skills) can earn you free time, and while there you can help yourself to as much to eat and drink as you like. There are several sweet gluten free options and a few vegan ones. Soy and almond milk are also available for drinks. There are also regular evening events, such as games nights, musical events and talks.



With a bright, welcoming interior, this place serves as an excellent work spot with good, solid wifi in central London, if you can find a spot! It also hosts events at irregular intervals. All hot drinks are also available iced, and soy and almond milk are offered too. There are usually a couple of vegan sandwiches, soups and salads, but make sure to check before ordering as nothing is marked vegan. Gluten free options are available on request.


Husk Coffee

Husk Coffee is a hipster heaven which focuses on serving excellent coffee as a backdrop to a place to build a community. As well as providing a good communal space to work with reliable wifi, there are also classes in things as diverse as yoga, English as a foreign language and poetry on offer for very reasonable prices. The vast majority of their lunch options are actually vegan (though be sure to check) and they also serve a good selection of freshly made smoothies.

Fleet River Bakery

With excellent wifi in a bright, airy space, the only thing going against this café is that waiting times can be long and the queuing system is slightly confusing. That space itself is very conducive to getting work done and you won’t be alone in doing so, but nor will it be overrun with Macs. All their cakes, muffins and brownies are made on the premises from scratch and they usually have at least one vegan option and there is also organic soy milk for a small extra charge.


This non-profit, run-for-charity café squeezed between vintage shops on Brick Lane aims to use only ethically sourced ingredients wherever possible and indeed marks the few vegan options they serve as such. The wifi connection is reliable and there are plenty of power sockets around the place. Seating is varied for every bum type, from comfortable sofas to wooden padded chairs and metal fold out chairs.

Ginger & White

This place advertises itself as a family friendly café, meaning it might not seem like an obvious choice for digital nomads to get work done. Mornings are busy downstairs, but the mezzanine level above serves as a good escape from the kids below, though the wifi works equally well everywhere. Afternoons are generally much quieter. They offer gluten free options (cakes and bread) and have one or two vegan options, though no cakes, but they aren’t marked as such. There is organic soy milk for a small extra charge.

Ozone Coffee Roastery

More than just a café, this place specialises in working with coffee farms around the world and sells their beans for you to take home. Indeed, £0.25 of every cup sold goes directly to projects at farms they work with, and they are unusual in offering free refills for filter coffee. With a peaceful atmosphere conducive to getting things done, Ozone has plenty of power sockets and decent wifi, but lamentably closes at 5pm. They serve several gluten free cakes, and occasionally something vegan.

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