Discovering Tuscany: The Importance Of History And Civilization

Humanity may just be a blip in the history of the earth itself, but our history has gone through countless transformations. As we mature in life, we begin to realise that our own civilizations have arisen from somewhere. Everything from the literature, music, art, architecture, food and politics, starts to matter more and more. When looking for a holiday, rather than doing the same old things that you used to do as a child, such as play in the pool and only eat foods you were familiar with, you should be looking to be drenched and consumed in another culture. Different ways of life are there to be experienced. But, not everyone is well versed in the history of other nations and peoples, so the only sensible option is to start off slow and work your way up. Beginning with the simple things, you can then enjoy the profound, in-depth knowledge bestowed by an expert at your disposal.

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The city of Florence

Although the region of Tuscany has always been the part of Italy that has been the major farming land and food supplier to the nation, it has birthed some of the most important figures in European culture ever. The haven of the Italian Renaissance, art and theater are what the city has to offer to those who wish to explore the importance of emotion and expressing the growth of a people. If you’re uneasy about wandering the streets with little direction, you should book an escorted tour. You’ll have an expert explain who designed the most importance and extravagant buildings, the beauty of the local cuisine. Enjoy a 7 day stay, with meals, breakfasts and dinners all included. If you’re travelling from the UK, your Heathrow flights will be taken care of, courtesy of a deal with British Airways. While exploring, you have a tour manager whom you can contact and inquire about anything.

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Cooking a hearty farm lunch

Most of the city’s restaurants have their ingredients supplied by the local farms. Some of the best produce in the world, comes from this northern region, as the land is extremely fertile, with optimal temperatures and rain. At the San Lorenzo food market, you can sign up to tours of the farms, where you will be transported to the homes and everyday life of the local farmers. Down from generation to generation, the land has been passed down. The produce you will be handling is completely fresh, and you may have the opportunity to help collect it yourself. Eggs, ham, fresh bread and herbs of many ranges, will be given to you. By following instructions from the farmer’s family and the local experts, you’ll make a breakfast that has been being cooked for hundreds of years. The flavors you’ll experience can be tasted nowhere else in the world. Fresh orange juice squeezed in refined and clear water from the mountains will make a refreshing drink.

Nowhere else can you experience the importance of Tuscany history and actually trace step by step how the civilization evolved from peasant farmers to wonderful artists. The food is hearty and yet, also splendidly delicate.