How to Find Cheap Flights

When booking a quick weekend break or a longer holiday abroad, flights are likely to be among your highest expenses. If you can find ways to get cheaper flights, this will cut down on your initial expenses for the trip meaning you can have more money left to spend in your destination.

Check Indirect Routes

Often airlines or airline groups will offer cheaper tickets for indirect flights with a transfer either at one of their hubs or somewhere along the way. While this may be less convenient than flying directly to your end destination, it can save you money so it’s worth considering.

Look at Alternative Airports

Many cities and regions have multiple airports, some specifically for low-cost airlines to operate out of. In London, for example, considering flying in or out of Stansted or Luton instead of Heathrow or Gatwick for cheaper flight options.

Be Flexible with Dates

Wanting to fly on a Friday, Sunday or during public or school holidays is never going to lead to finding cheap flights. Instead, try as much as possible to be flexible with your dates. Many airlines and flight aggregator services let you search like this, showing you prices over a whole week or even month. Studies have shown that often Wednesday and Thursday are the cheapest days to fly, with Monday and Tuesday being the best days to book flights, often at night-time.

Clear Your Browser History

If you’ve been searching for the same flight multiple times from one computer on the same browser, your search history can be picked up by the site and show you higher prices even when lower ones are still available. Each time you search, make sure you clear your browser history and empty your cookies and perhaps even use a service like Chrome Incognito to make sure your digital footprints aren’t tracked.

Pay in Another Currency

Most of the time, airlines will bill you in the currency of the country you’re flying out of, but sometimes you’re given a choice. If the exchange rate is particularly good from one currency to your home currency, try booking in that currency to save a bit more money. If you do this, just make sure that the card you’re paying with allows for foreign transactions and won’t charge you so much that your saving is cancelled out.

Book in Advance, or Go Last Minute 

The most obvious way to get cheap flights is to book early enough that you get the special offer prices that quickly sell out. With many airlines, this is typically six weeks before the date of travel. However, if you can’t be that organized, consider looking for last minute deals, as you may find flights departing within a few days of booking that are almost as good a deal as the early bird offers.

Don’t worry if your initial search for flights comes only up with outrageously expensive options. There are several ways to find cheap air tickets as long as you factor in alternative routes, airports, dates and currencies to your search.