Free Ebook: How We Travel as Gay, Vegan, Digital Nomads

Free Ebook: How We Travel as Gay, Vegan, Digital Nomads

We’re asked all the time, both online and offline, about how we travel.

Sometimes it seems that people want a simple one-size-fits-all magic answer, summing everything up in a couple of sentences. This is of course not realistic. We could go on and on about how we manage this crazy life of work and travel!

We considered several times doing a series of blog posts to try and answer all the questions we get related to this, but in the end, it just felt like it was a better idea to put all the answers together in one place: and so we created our first ebook:

How We Travel as Gay, Vegan, Digital Nomads


This 29 page ebook aims to answer all the questions we’ve been posed by friends, family, fellow travellers, blog readers and random strangers we’ve met at parties, such as:

  • “How can you travel for so long with only hand luggage?”
  • “Isn’t travelling as a vegan really difficult?”
  • “Are there places you wouldn’t travel as gay men?”
  • “How do you manage to work on the road and stay connected?”
  • “What are the best locations for digital nomads?”

What’s in the book?

  • Our travel philosophy of slow travel: how and why
  • Practical information on how travel with hang luggage only, rent apartments, housesit and use local SIM cards
  • How we meet other LGBT people when travelling
  • How we find good vegan food on our travels
  • How we find digital nomad friendly workplaces
  • And more!

How to get your copy

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We love feedback!

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