Hidden Travel Treasures On The East Coast

The Road Less Traveled?

You probably haven’t heard of Ocean City, Maryland. By no means is the community hidden; it’s just not one commonly blasted across the Mainstream Media. MSM ideals tend to focus on certain locales, setting them up as the best places you can visit.

While there are certainly great advantages to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, New York, and other such places, there are also many quiet delights hidden in plain sight in places like Ocean City that are totally worth your time.

Firstly, the town is literally on the ocean. There’s a coastal peninsula stretching north-to-south along the Atlantic. Back in the 1800s, early American settlers noticed this land and realized it would make a great vacation spot. Ocean City is one of the few places in the country where vacationing and industry go hand-in-glove, in that they are essentially the same.

Ocean City’s population balloons to between 325,000 and 348,000 during the weekends, and sees some 8,000,000 tourists on a yearly basis. By no means is the town unknown, but most of that tourism has a cyclical nature to it. There are always going to be a population of new arrivals who have never been there before, but there are also going to be many regular vacationers.

Comfortable Seas

According to PrincessRoyale.com, one of the many fine OCMD hotels located in Ocean City, exceptional luxuries like “Temper-Pedic Mattresses in all Suites” are readily available, meaning comfort can define every aspect of your stay—even those portions where you aren’t conscious! You will enjoy a spa-like bathroom with amenities such as an oval vessel sink and a relaxing shower head that will help you welcome or end your day..

Between hotels that exist at practically any economic level, and a boardwalk that stretches along the primacy of the coast and features everything you can expect, there is entertainment, luxury, and adventure for all ages in Ocean City.

This beautiful little area is a great place for families to vacation. There are amusement parks, as well as fine dining, family dining, and nightlife. That basically hits on all cylinders for even the most mixed families; and that’s not to mention the beach itself.

One of the finest aspects of the Atlantic Ocean of Maryland in Summer is its comfortable temperature. Because the east coast gets plenty of warmth, during the summer the cool ocean isn’t so cold that it’s uncomfortable. The Pacific is a larger ocean than the Atlantic, and along the west coast a northern current tends to make it much more cool throughout the year.

Meanwhile, if you’ve ever been to Florida in the dead of winter, you’ll know that the Atlantic is still a bit warmer than the Pacific in Summer. In Maryland, there’s enough of a northern latitude about Ocean City to make the Atlantic just right for Summer fun. You’re likely not going to want to swim in it during the winter, but Maryland is temperate enough you can still walk along the beach.

Sometimes a nice long stroll down a coastline is more desirable than a swim amidst the waves anyhow; all you’ve got to do is doff your shoes and have a walk. No sunscreen needed!

A Perfect Place To Explore

There are many treasures up and down the east coast that go undiscovered because oftentimes the MSM doesn’t exposit them in regular advertisements across the country, meaning many just don’t know to look for them.

One of the greatest aspects of Americana is the discovery of resort destinations in your own backyard that you never realized were available to you. Ocean City, Maryland is just such a destination, and worth checking out.

Whether you’re spending time with the family, or just looking for a little bit of culture in a region you’ve never explored, there’s plenty to please in the city on the sea.

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