Laauma, Berlin

Laauma, Berlin

Berlin is a city where trends spread quickly and if something is popular (like vegan food), it soon becomes easy to find everywhere. However, it’s also a city that allows for and supports individuality and uniqueness within such trends.

While at first, Laauma might seem like just another vegan café/restaurant, it also has something a bit different.

For one thing, it’s a place that won’t be appearing in our guide to vegan cafés in Berlin for digital nomads, as they have no wifi and indeed encourage making personal connections while eating here, rather than digital ones.


The interior design is also something unique, with much of it made from upcycled crates and miscellaneous pieces of wood. There is a book exchange, they offer a catering service that can be delivered by bicycle and much of the seating is communal.


We first visited for cake and coffee one winter afternoon, and were pleasantly surprised by the small choice of delicious cakes. Zab assured me that the coffee was equally excellent.


Later, we returned for an all you can eat before Christmas buffet and stuff ourselves appropriately.

The dishes varied from interesting salads, quiches and bruschetta…


…to more traditional, hearty vegan versions of German Christmas food.


The selection of sweet food was also very good, including a raw chocolate mouse and various kinds of cake.


We ended up staying over two hours, an experience that did not drag, and left very full.

If you’re looking for a laid-back and stylish but unpretentious vegan place in Berlin, I highly recommend Laauma. Don’t expect to bring a laptop and bang out some work though: just come and people watch, chill out, read a book or even have a conversation!



  • Coffee and cake for two people, including tip cost €13; the Christmas buffet cost €18 per person, not including drinks
  • Open: Tuesday to Sunday, 11:00-21:00
  • Address: Sonntagstrasse 28, Friedrichshain, 10245, Berlin
  • Foursquare; Facebook; website