Learn how to descale your Nespresso®* machine with Gourmesso pods

Learn how to descale your Nespresso®* machine with Gourmesso pods

Is your coffee tasting just a little bit…well off? Does your Nespresso machine just seem to be a little slow, or maybe are you not getting the finish on your drink that you are used to, if this is the case or even if you can’t recall the last time you cleaned the machine, or you actually never thought to give your machine a clean, then well it’s time to descale.

Like most machines, to keep it in good working order and getting the most out of your machine you need to give it a little TLC and descale it once in a while. Descaling the machine will make the machine work better and your coffee taste better.

All coffee machines can build up calcium deposits and lime from water, it can be worse in some areas than others, harder water areas for example can cause more deposits. Descaling removes these deposits and can improve the quality of your coffee.

Depending on how often you use your machine you should think about descaling, two to three times a year or about 300 uses of the machine. The process is relatively straight forward and does not take too long. Essentially the process involves adding a descaling solution to the machine and flushing the solution through the machine to remove the deposits.

There are various solutions and guidance and processes to help you descale your Nespresso®* machine. It is completed in about four steps, there are videos and recommendations for guidance to support the procedure as well as recommendations for the best solutions to use. The descaling solution is made up of citric acid and is non toxic, but it will as it flushes through the system, remove the deposits and improves the extraction of the coffee and improves the process and most importantly the taste.

The four stages include getting the machine ready, which means removing the trays and capsule container and filing the machine with the water and the descaling solution. There are different guides for each model of Nespresso machine, the manual will guide and support, as well as the links here indicating how to set your machine correctly.

Regularly descaling the machine and using the correct pods, or good quality compatible pods such as those by Gourmesso will ensure that the machine has perfect coffee extraction time and after time and that the efficient and taste is at maximum quality.

What’s more the more frequently you descale the machine in line with the manufactures recommendation and based on the model and frequency you use the machine, then the more likely you are to extend the life of your machine, especially if you have splashed out on one of the more luxury machines, you want to ensure value or money. If your machine is under warranty and your machine isn’t working as efficiently it can help maintain the warranty and support any repairs or claims against the warranty or guarantee, as well as just brewing you amazing coffee time after time.