We Were Nominated for the Liebster Award!

We Were Nominated for the Liebster Award!

So guess who got nominated for the Liebster Awards?! Many thanks to the delightful Doro from The Touristin, fellow Berlin resident and travel blogger for nominating us for this fun little relay race for bloggers.

The idea of the Liebster Awards is that bloggers nominate each other and provide questions for their nominees to answer about themselves. The nominees then nominate another group of travel bloggers to answer their questions and so it continues.


Here are the questions Doro put to us.

1. Who are you?

Sam: I’m an over thinker, linguist, amateur cook, sci-fi fan, pedant, sometimes EFL teacher and like to call myself a travel writer, though sometimes I doubt whether that’s valid.

Zab: I’m a gadget loving, Scottish born, London accented resident of Berlin.


2. Please give 5 adjectives to describe the way of life in your home country.

Sam: Competitive, fast, progressive, lonely, private. With these, I’m specifically thinking about my home city of London, as some of them probably don’t apply so well to the UK in general.

Zab: Calm, unchanged, cosy, friendly, warm. I’m referring here to the west coast of Scotland where I was born. Even though I only lived there till I was 4 years old, I still think of it as home!

3. Coast or countryside?

Sam: Countryside. I’m not a huge beach fan, although countryside along the coast that’s more diverse than just endless sandy beaches can interest me. However, I have a limit for how long I can spend in the countryside before I get bored, and it’s perhaps not as long as for some people: I’m a true city boy at heart!

Zab: Coast. I love the sound of the sea, and daydreaming about what’s beyond the horizon and what life could be like on the first piece of land you’d reach there.


4. What would need to happen before you give up travel?

Sam: I actually can’t imagine such a situation in which I’d give up travel completely. Even when I’m old and grey, I hope to still be travelling, perhaps a bit less and even slower, but I’ve no intention of stopping.

Zab: I think I’d have to feel I’ve seen everything in the world that I wanted to see, and I don’t think that’s ever going to happen!

5. Can money buy happiness?

Sam: I think it can temporarily, but it probably won’t last. Personally, I’m not terribly motivated by money and don’t often consider if it would make my life better. This is probably down to the fact that most of my life, I’ve never really not had enough money. That’s not to say that I’m rich, I was just always comfortably able to live within my means and I didn’t feel that I had many problems that could be solved with money.

Zab: No. I believe it can contribute to your level of happiness, but money is not everything in life.


6. Last time you felt truly cheerful?

Sam: I try to be cheerful every day! Someone told me recently that they think being happy is super easy. I do feel happy, but I think I spend quite a lot of effort on maintaining that; it’s not something that comes extremely easily to me.

Zab: Unless I wake up on the wrong side of the bed for some reason, I’m generally cheerful most of the time! Life’s too short to be miserable, anyway!

7. Please let us know what three skills make life easier for a travel writer/blogger?

Sam & Zab: Multilingualism can help, but is not essential. The ability to connect with people on the other hand probably is a must. And being open to having new experiences will probably result in some good stories!


Now it’s our turn to ask the questions! Here are our seven questions and the six bloggers who we’d like to nominate, should they choose to accept!

Our questions

1. What’s your mission with your blog? Who is it for and why did you start it?

2. Give us two true and one false things you’ve done in the past (on your travels perhaps) and let’s see if we can guess the false one!

3. If you could only travel to three countries for the rest of your life, which three would you choose and why?

4. Have you ever been somewhere that you had really high expectations about and which ended up disappointing you?

5. If you couldn’t speak English at all (not even a little bit!), do you think it would limit where you’d choose to travel? How?

6. What do you see for the future of travel blogging? How might it be different in five years, ten years, twenty years?

7. Please share one of your blog posts that you’re most proud of or which has had the most surprising response from your readers.

Our nominations