New York Vegan Shop Up

New York Vegan Shop Up

Oh hey Indefinite Adventure readers!

My name is Nicole from the vegan travel blog Vegan Nom Noms and I’m currently doing a cross-country road trip across America.

Today I’d like to share with you a really awesome event I attended in Bushwick Brooklyn called Vegan Shop-Up, an all vegan pop up market that happens monthly.

At this market I tried my first vegan macaron, got lunch at an all-vegan Ethiopian food stand and pretty much just drooled everywhere. If you’re in the NYC area and hungry when this event is happening, I highly recommend you check it out!

First of all, if you haven’t been, Bushwick is a pretty cool neighborhood. It’s got that industrial artsy vibe that happens when old warehouses get converted to artist studios and there is street art everywhere and quirky little housing ads like this one, for example:


Bushwick has some cute cafes and food; the buildings are lower here, only a few stories and it doesn’t feel crowded at all.

I had heard about Vegan Shop-Up from some friends visiting Berlin, Germany, where I usually reside and knew I had to check it out during my travels. Luckily, the monthly event fell during my trip to New York, hurrah!

The most exciting thing I tried was probably the vegan macarons from Sweet Maresa based in New Paltz, NY.

So many flavors of vegan macarons from Sweet Maresa!

So many flavors of vegan macarons from Sweet Maresa!

I got a pistachio one and it was AMAZING.


The texture was really interesting, sort of chewy, but also crispy. Now I’m addicted and more places need to offer vegan macarons STAT!

I’ve been reading about Bunna Cafe, an all-vegan Ethiopian restaurant in the NYC area, online for ages and was so excited to finally try their food.

I got the Bunna Plate, which was the dish that lets you try everything at once, of course. It came with lots of injera, the bread made from fermented teff flour, which you use to eat the food with your hands.

From the left there was a dish made of red beets, one from carrots, one with cabbage, a red lentil dish and one with kale and avocado. All wonderfully spiced.

Plate of Ethiopian food from Bunna Cafe

Plate of Ethiopian food from Bunna Cafe

Of course I needed more dessert after eating lunch, so decided to get this salted peanut butter fudge brownie.

Oh. My. Goodness.

It was so good. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of this stand now, but it was in the doorway and they had lots of awesome baked foods, including vegan apple cider donuts.


Below is a view of the event from the outside. There were a lot of stands inside and lots outside as well. This one was selling a vegan soul food plate with sautéed greens and a vegan mac-n-cheese that looked awesome.

Outdoor View of the Vegan Shop-Up

Outdoor view of the Vegan Shop-Up

I debated a long time between that and the Ethiopian food. There were also homemade vegan hotdogs of all different types, cookie sandwiches and tons more.

Inside there was everything from an all-vegan chocolatier called Lagusta’s Luscious to more cookies to raw vegan soups, to raw granola health food bites, to chai tea to a hot sauce stand. Oh, and lots of free samples!

The Cinnamon Snail, a famous vegan food truck in NYC, also came for a visit. Here you can see the line of people waiting. I didn’t try them this time, but the menu looked awesome.

Line of people waiting for food at the Cinnamon Snail Food Truck in NYC

Line of people waiting for food at the Cinnamon Snail Food Truck in NYC

So there you have it, my first vegan pop-up market!

If you’re ever in the NYC area during your travels, I highly recommend checking out the Vegan Shop-Up event. The vendors are always changing so the excitement and number of things to eat is pretty much endless…and all vegan!

You can read more about the Vegan Shop-Up, see the vendors at the next event and get the dates for their next pop up markets on their blog here.

Thanks for reading! To follow me on my vegan road trip across America (and beyond), you can pop on over to my blog here!