Nightlife Entertainment in Las Vegas

Nightlife Entertainment in Las Vegas

Officially known as the City of Las Vegas the place has a lot to offer. Night life and Vegas are synonymous due to the fact that there are countless venues where a person can enjoy and spend nights at. The hottest venues of this city are not only titillating but also arouse the emotions. Below is the list of nightclubs of Vegas which must be visited not only to explore the city but to see what night is like at this kinky place.

  1. XS

Small name never means that a nightclub is cheap to visit. It is one of the best and most expensive nightclubs of the town. Here you will find gold work everywhere. Yeah it’s true and there is a large dancing floor which accommodates countless number of people. If you feeling suffocated inside then visit the outdoor pool area which can be used to breath. There are some additions which should be made such as the dancing floors. The expansion is the call of the day as they are always crowded and people often fell on each other. There is another nightclub at the same venue by the name of surrender which is opposite to XS.  Consider it a bonus and pay a visit on Sunday for a chance to get wet if you fell in the pool.

  1. Hakkasan

This one needs no intro as it is a signature club of MGM Grand at Vegas. There are 5 floors of this place which makes it quiet roomy. Another thing worth mentioning is the number of stairs here. The dance floors as well as the bar areas are all spacious and never feel crowded. MGM has also taken the advantage of lounge concept and Ling Ling Lounge is the famous one here. The additional advantage here is Hakkasan Restaurant which offers the best food in the region. MGM should also take care of outdoor areas which are missing here and therefore a person feels suffocation at times inside the club. The best time to visit this place is Thursday as it is close throughout the rest of the week excluding weekends.

  1. 10AK

Located in the Mirage this nightclub has a dance floor that is surrounded by room sloping forward. It gives a feel of movie theatre and therefore it is visited by almost every tourist visiting the city. Few more rooms are however required as place is a bit small for some people. The best thing about this place is Kardashians. Again you heard me right. Kim hosts the New Year Eve here with Kanye West. Friday is the best day of the week to visit this awesome nightlife venue.

  1. Light

Located at the Mandalay Bay this nightclub is sure to empty the tourist pockets. It is not only a nightclub but has other items to offer as well. The Aerobics are also performed which are much appreciated. The awkward factor is the library. The outdoor area is also attached which will allow breathing freely. Monday nights is the best time of the week to visit this place. The only improvement needed is the way leading to dance venue as it is too long and doggy.