What to Pack for a Trip to Singapore?

Singapore is a perfectly marvelous country with a climate that is tropical meaning that the plants are lush and green. These plants give the island a look that of a real urban jungle. The one-of-a-kind mix of momentous old structures and historic culture with high-rises and powerful business people make for a unique holiday destination.

If you intend to visit Singapore next summer, and particularly, if this is going to be your first trip there, you might not know what to take along. This is why we are putting together this guide to assist you. Moreover, if you’re worried about your visa process and do not know whom should you consult, Immigration Solutions is your answer. They specialize in providing a holistic solution from documentation to submission.

Once you have acquired your visa, it comes to packing. To help you, here is our list of the essentials you must pack on your trip to Singapore.

Umbrella and rain gear – The location where this place is situated has the normal temperature. Singapore’s weather is steady throughout the year. Temperature ranges between 25 and 31 degrees Celsius and, humidity is high, usually between 70% – 80%. The weather is neither really dry nor wet in Singapore. And rain usually pours every month. It usually rains in the afternoon and early evenings. When it rains there, it rains like cats and dogs. So make sure you pack all the necessary rain gear and a decent umbrella. The two main monsoon seasons, when it rains more than usual in Singapore, are December to March and June to September.

Mosquito repellant – It’s essential to pack a decent mosquito repellant and some other pest control items that work for you. There are routine sprays done to repel mosquito-borne diseases like dengue fever, etc. However, it is still important to play it safe, particularly in case you’re going to areas on the outer locales of the island, like Zoo and Night Safari.

Sun-smart gear – You’ll certainly need a cap and sunscreen with high SPF to shield you from sunburn. Keep in mind, sunscreen is good as long as it’s used continuously. One should keep reapplying it during the day to avoid any sunburn and tan. Also, a rash shirt or sun-shirt is a good idea for the days when you plan to stay longer by the pool.

Heavy-duty deodorant – You will want to smell nice while you roam around the city. The heat will make you sweat more, and the last thing you want is to feel and smell ghastly after a big day walking around in the hot weather. Make sure you pack and keep a good quality deodorant with you.

Swimmers ear medicine – Anyone can get an ear infection from swimming and the humidity if your ears don’t dry out properly. You can buy products from a chemist to prevent swimmers ear and treat it rapidly in case it happens.

Money – You don’t have to worry much about changing a lot of money before you land in Singapore. There are ATMs and ANZ all around and are simple and safe to use. In case you do need to change money, there are money exchangers everywhere that you can easily access.