Picture London: The Ultimate Photo Guide

One of the joys of travel is taking photographs to help you always remember the memories you make. Whether you’re posting to Instagram or having your digital photos printed to hang on the wall of your home, the photos you take when traveling are priceless.

While not everyone has thousands of dollars of camera equipment or even wants to be burdened with such while traveling, just about anyone can take great photos with a simple point and shoot or even their phone’s camera. However, no matter what type of camera you’re using, there are some easy tips to make your photos the best they can be.

Cityscapes make for very good photos and London is one of the most photogenic cities in the world. Its combination of ancient architecture, modern structures, lively street scenes, and its people all make for wonderful subjects. If you’re planning a trip to London these are some of the best landmarks to add to your photo library and some tips to make your shots shine.

The Tower Bridge

One of London’s most photographed landmarks is the iconic Tower Bridge. Spanning the River Thames this bridge is one of London’s top tourist attractions and you can get great photos from a multitude of angles. Each side of the river provides a different perspective and if you take a river tour you’ll have an even more unusual angle of the bridge, such as directly below it.

Early morning is a great time to shoot the Tower Bridge as the light is soft and if there is any lingering fog it can add a very dramatic flair to your photos. Late afternoons also provide good lighting but you’re bound to find the area more crowded. Even nighttime shots of the Tower Bridge can be absolutely stunning.

Westminster Abbey

While you’re not allowed to take photos inside Westminster Abbey, that’s really not too much of a detriment because the outside is extremely photogenic. The angles and spires of the Abbey can help you frame your photos well and if you have access to a wide angle lens you can get some stunning shots of the entire building from top to bottom.

Again, the crowds might be a hindrance as it’s a very popular place to visit in London but, again, try for early morning or late afternoon. Avoid midday as the light can be too harsh and, again, those pesky crowds. Shots from across the street can also work well especially if you can get a classic London taxi in the shot for added ambience.

Street Scenes

Once you get away from London’s hotspots you’ll find the quaint streets and lanes that you’ve always associated with London. Open-air markets, flower shops, and other aspects of life in these streets always make for great photos that really show the quieter side of London.

For a different take, avoid standing in the middle of the street and get up close to your subjects, whether it’s a bouquet of flowers or a cup of tea. Otherwise, incorporate the passersby into your photos to give them life and add the sense of place that London is known for.


Photographing people can be difficult for some amateur photographers and it can feel intrusive and rude. However, in a crowded city like London people will probably be unaware that you’re even taking the photo. Otherwise if you see someone who you’d really like to photograph it’s always polite to ask.

Along the Thames and Piccadilly Circus are great places to take shots with people. If you are solo traveling, you can hire a sexy brunette companion to be your subject matter in the photos and also accompany you for a more memorable experience.

While hiring someone or photographing anyone you’re traveling with is a good option, you can also consider candid shots of everyday people. Shots that are raw and uncensored are usually the best. Try the skate park by the London Eye and keep a lookout for street performers. While you might need to give them a bit of money they’re usually always willing to ham it up for the camera.

London is a beautiful city and deserves to be captured by photos. Use some of these locations and tips or strike out on your own. Regardless, take photos of what you find beautiful or interesting and you’re bound to get some great shots for your portfolio.