Punta Cana: much more than sun and beach vacations

Punta Cana: much more than sun and beach vacations

The Dominican Republic is a luxury destination, but there is more than sandy shores to this destination. If you are heading this far for far flung adventures, then you need to challenge yourself and take advantage of what this tropical paradise has to offer. Punta Cana is one of the most popular destinations in the area and there are an abundance of activities available. For something a bit more bold, fun and exciting then take a look at the amusement parks in Punta Canta.

Manati Park

For a family friendly adventure Manati park is a theme park that has a mixture of animal shows, with sea lions, dolphins, parrots, have a two hour guided tour around the various exhibits. The park gives an opportunity for encounter animal exhibits which feature plants native to the Dominican Republic, including orchids. Take an opportunity to encounter iguanas, tropical birds, snakes and flamingos and learn about their behaviours from the keepers at the parl. There are several shows such as the dolphin shows, parrot shows and equestrian shows.

Bavaro Adventure Park

This is the first amusement park in Punta Cana and is an outdoor adventure park.   This is a natural and sustainable park, with ecological trails and with facilities built from recycled materials. Consider some of the outdoor activities such as Zorbing, CrazyBall, experience the Climbing of Garden and a Prirateship. The park will give you opportunities to experience challenges and there is a large scale animatronic display with the larges display of full sale and animatronics in the Caribbean. The only  competition if yourself and the test against your own physicality.

Dolphin Island Park

A short boat ride takes you from the island to a small island that gives you an opportunity to engage with sea lions and dolphins. The experience includes a show, some instruction and a twenty five minute swim and snorkel with your selected marine life. The experience will included a stop at Manati Park. The Seaquariam Park provides and underwater experience surrounded by coral reefs as you swim amongst the fish and explore the submerged wreck of a submarine.

Scape Park

Is a natural theme park, with cultural and adrenaline fuelled activities. The areas of Scape Park, includes the Farallon cliff which is over 100 metres high, this provides amazing views of the park and allows the views of the caves, lagoons and caverns that make up the park. This is in an area of Cap Cana, which also incorporates the Marina area. This is a destination for the some of the most famous fishing competitions. There is a white sand beach in this area, perfect for embracing water sports in the turquoise Caribbean waters.

So whilst the Dominican Republic is the a perfect paradise destination, there is such a wealth of terrain from mountainous areas, coastline there are an abundance of parks to capitalise on the terrain and a chance to explore marine life. Take an opportunity to indulge in adventure and maximise your time in Punta Cana.