Veronica’s Guide to a Romantic Vegan Night Out in Gothenburg, Sweden

Veronica’s Guide to a Romantic Vegan Night Out in Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city, that said, Gothenburg is a small coastal town, located on the west of the country, home to approximately 500,000 happy Swedes. The city is small enough to walk through and is actually starting to get more and more attention within the vegan community worldwide, thanks to its growing vegan options becoming more available throughout the small city.

So to make your acquaintance with the city, I thought I’d help you achieve a perfect and very romantic night out in the city. Since I strongly recommend a visit during summer I want you to imagine a balmy, sunny and bright afternoon. So, this is what I suggest you do with your person of choice for a romantic evening out in Gothenburg!


First off, I’d suggest you meet up at the gates of The Garden Society close to the central station. Have a stroll through the garden, look at flowers, talk and really get to know each other. Have a stop at the café and enjoy a cup of tea on a bench in the middle of the garden, while enjoying the sun and letting the afternoon go and the evening gently settle in.

If the weather leaves more to be desired, then head on in to the Tropical Gardens instead and frolic through the palm lined pathways in the heat and enjoy a cup of tea in the indoor café.

Once you’ve had your romantic walk through the beautiful and serene park. Take a stroll through the city or hop on a tram to continue your night at the restaurant Dubbel Dubbel.


I would suggest the location at Kastellgatan, since it’s cosier and more intimate. There you can get to know each other over an assortment of small dishes and vegan dumplings, accompanied by a glass or two of organic natural wine. Plus eating with chopsticks always looks both elegant and a bit sultry!

Before you leave, I suggest that opt for a double espresso and continue your evening with a walk through the old quarters of Haga, through Kungsparken and towards Dorsia hotel.


Once at Dorsia, let the evening continue behind velvety curtains, in one of the hotels cosy nooks, leisurely lounging in a plush armchair with a cocktail or a cup of tea at hand. All while continuing the conversation with your date, fully relaxed while the waiters dote on you and pamper you for the evening. You get the opportunity to really get to know each other better without any disturbances and enjoy the last hours of your company.

To make the evening run smoothly I highly recommend booking tables beforehand.

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