Send Your Own Photos as Postcards with MyPostcard

Send Your Own Photos as Postcards with MyPostcard

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This app, also available on the web, allows you to use your own photos and make your own design to send a personalised postcard anywhere in the world without going to a post office or buying stamps! What better way to let your friends and family know that you’re thinking about them while on your travels than by sending them a personalised postcard with one of your most recent snaps?

The MyPostcard photo postcard app is available for free in the App Store and in Google Play. You just download the app and immediately start creating and sending personalised photo postcards and directly from your computer or smartphone. MyPostcard makes it super easy to use photos from Instagram or Facebook, from your phone’s memory, or from your computer to send to your loved ones.

Not only does it allow you to send postcards, but all kinds of other greeting card options are available too. There are designs for birthday cards, get well soon cards, new baby cards and every other occasion you can imagine. Right now, they even have Oktoberfest themed designs for their cards!

If you don’t have a particular photo of your own you want to use, you can also browse their extensive selection of images that you can apply to any of their cards, or send as a standalone postcard. Many of their own designs are quite beautiful, and for someone as fussy as me about postcard design, they’re wonderfully plain and artistic, something which I find really hard to find in physical shops selling postcards in most places I travel!

So why not give the MyPostcard app a try? Readers of this blog are invited to use the code INDEFINITEADVENTURE to get their first postcard or greeting card for free; just enter the code at checkout. So what are you waiting for? Send someone a card!