mexico city niehgbourhoods roma norte street art

Street Artists of Mexico City

Like many other places in Mexico, the capital is full of street art, and most of it is well respected and maintained. While it is found all over the city, there is a clear concentration in the neighbourhood of Roma Norte. These are some of the artists I could identify and their works that I came across in Mexico City that spoke to me.


This well-known artist from Ecuador has a penchant for creating cartoonish characters in his pieces. Drawing on the local culture of the place he works, his art varies a lot depending on where he creates it, though his signature style and use of bright primary colours always manages to shine through.

This piece was happened upon in the Doctores neighbourhood, at the corner of Carmona y Valle and Velasco.



With works all over the USA, Canada, Sweden, Australia, Tunisia, Germany and Mexico since 2012, this artists originally from the Mexican state of Michoacán takes much of his inspiration from pre-hispanic Mexican cultures. Invoking images of historically accurate as well as imagined pre-colonial gods, his use of pastel colours and close attention to detail while still leaving some things to the imagination is what makes his work stand out.

mexico city niehgbourhoods roma norte street art

This piece is in Roma Norte, at the corner of Frontera and Durango.

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Originally from New York City, and with most of her pieces of art adorning walls there, this artist makes a lot of use of almost fluorescent colours and geometrical shapes formed by curved lines, frequently depicting real and mythical animals (or some cross of the two). She often collaborates with the artist Werc.

I saw this piece by Geraluz in collaboration with WERC in the Doctores neighbourhood at the corner of Revillagigedo and Manuel Márquez Sterling.

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After studying fashion in Buenos Aires where she developed her style, this artist has worked on murals in Berlin, Copenhagen and Colombia as well as in Mexico City. Her fondness of bright blocks of colour and whimsical combinations of human and animal forms give her art an instantly recognisable look.

I stumbled across this piece totally by accident in the untouristy neighbourhood of San Pedro de los Pinos.

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This artist has been working as a muralist for almost 15 years and after studying in Luxembourg, came back to Mexico and has since graced its walls with many a mural, as well as doing projects with international corporations and working on several social campaigns including one to promote awareness of malnutrition in Mexican children. His pieces are characterised by their pastel colours and frequent use of children’s faces.

This piece in Roma Norte, is at the corner of Orizaba and Tabasco.

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There are undoubtedly plenty more, but many pieces don’t have tags telling you who did them. Here are some of the pieces I liked most by anonymous artists, actually all in Roma Norte.

What Mexico City street artists have you discovered?