Stuff I Like Besides Travelling

Stuff I Like Besides Travelling

Travelling is great. I really, really like it. Obviously. I wouldn’t still be be doing it so much and blogging about it if I didn’t! But there are other things I like too; I’m not just a traveller. Here are some of them.

Science fiction

I love sci-fi big time, and it is by far the main genre of visual media I consume, especially in forms of TV series. If you’re trying to convince me to watch a show that is not science fiction, it better at least be queer…otherwise you’re gonna have a hard time trying to persuade me! Some of my favourites are Star Trek, Stargate, Farscape, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse and Firefly.

The reason I love science fiction so much is not only because it’s about space and aliens and stuff (which is indeed cool!), but because it serves as a mirror to reflect on our humanity. Through science fiction story telling, it’s possible to create situations that can provide fresh perspectives on common aspects of the human condition, societal constructs, cross-cultural misunderstandings and many more complex issues that are not easy to address head on.



I way more often use my phone for listening to podcasts than to music. I listen to them while in transit, when I go for walks, while I’m cooking, cleaning, editing photos or doing other tasks on my computer that don’t require concentrating on words. There are many that I look forward to week to week such as Savage Love, Throwing Shade, RISK! and Polyamory Weekly, while there are others which I enjoy just to have almost in the background, as relaxing companion noise such as The Moth, Treknologic, Newsjack and the Radio 4 Comedy of the Week podcast.



I studied linguistics at university, and chose that subject mostly for two reasons: I was fascinated by the study and construction of language thanks to the works of JRR Tolkien, and I couldn’t choose between the three languages I had previously studied to continue with. So I chose none of them and instead devoted myself to the study OF language.

I’ve always been a language nerd, both in the sense of enjoying the practice of actually learning languages, as well as deconstructing, analysing and trying to better understand language in an abstract way.



This is actually how I currently make a significant proportion of my income, but it’s actually something I really enjoy doing and think I am reasonably good at. Before I really started to travel, I was perhaps even more interested in writing, and would write fiction purely for my own pleasure. In 2011, I participated in NaNoWriMo, something which I’m considering doing again this year. I also had a phase of writing songs and composing music on the guitar for a couple of years. This is also something I’d like to get back in to now: basically more writing for pleasure, and not just for money, please!



Though sometimes I can come across as a bit of a misanthrope, I do really like people: they’re just so interesting! Relationships may indeed be the thing I’m most passionate about, and want to spend my time and energy on.


So that’s me! What else do you like besides travelling?