Our Upcoming Autumn Travel Plans

Our Upcoming Autumn Travel Plans

As summer is beginning to wrap up, we’re thinking ahead about what our plans are for the coming months. It was our intention this year to spend more time at home in Berlin, and indeed we have achieved this to some extent, partly by taking shorter trips, and also by enjoying having visitors to share out adopted hometown with us. However, we haven’t been able to plan to stay entirely still! Here are a few of the upcoming trips we have either planned or waiting to be planned over the next few months.



In mid September we’re going to spend a long weekend in Amsterdam to visit friends, plus a few days with Zab’s family in South Holland. It is still pretty affordable to travel there even though it’s last minute (although gay things!


After our very brief trip to Poznan at the end of July with a bunch of other vegan bloggers, we realised that this cool city has its very own pride event! We’re pretty tempted to pop over for a long weekend to see what queer Poznan has to offer, hopefully with another group of friends, and of course eat at all our favourite vegan eateries again!



In early October, we’re heading to Munich for a wedding. Zab lived there for almost five years before we met, and we’ve visited a few times together since. I don’t care for the city itself that much, finding it a bit stuffy and expensive for my liking, but it’ll be great to hang out with people we know there…and of course eat all the vegan things.


Also in October, we’re planning to go to Scotland partly for work, and partly for pleasure. Edinburgh was the first place Zab and I ever travelled to together, just one month after meeting, so it’ll be nice to go there again, 11 years later! I’m also hoping that we can visit the place in western Scotland where Zab was born and maybe also go out into the highlands for some hiking if time permits.


Somewhere on the Mediterranean

I’m determined that we should take a trip somewhere warm to escape the inevitable cold and greyness of Berlin in November for roughly a long weekend. Nowhere specifically has been decided on yet, but current contenders include Thessaloniki in Greece, somewhere in Croatia, Malta and Sicily. Basically, the idea is for somewhere with culture as well as warm weather, and a bit of an alternative scene and good vegan food would be a bonus too!

Do you have any suggestions for us for things to do, see or eat in our upcoming travel destinations? Also, if you have any specific ideas about where to go for some winter sun in November, we’d love to hear about it!