My Vegan Cities Travel Wishlist

My Vegan Cities Travel Wishlist

Happy November!

And in case you didn’t know, November is Vegan Month in the UK, which means lots of special events, promotions and a general spreading of the good vegan word. It’s also Vegan Mofo, a 30 day challenge for vegan bloggers to blog every day of the month about vegan food. I’m not officially part of it, but my friend Nicole told me about it and I wanted to support it.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about future travels lately, and places where I can find great vegan food, and especially ones which have a wealth of options for vegans are highly appealing…such as Berlin! Plus I really like cities, so here are five cities that are pretty high on my travel wishlist for vegan food.


There aren’t many places in the US that are appealing to me right now, but Portland, Oregon is definitely one of them. I’ve heard it compared to Berlin in terms of the vibe and open attitude of the people there, and also because of  its massive vegan scene, which I’d love to check out. Voodoo Donuts in particular is definitely high up on the list! Also: trams!

Mexico City

Reportedly the vegan capital of central America, the Mexican capital has a lot to offer besides the extensive vegan scene, including a wealth of art (both historical and on the streets), history, culture and good looking people (Zab may have developed a thing for Mexican guys!). Stayed tuned for an update on our travel plans, as this may well be the first place on this list that we’ll be ticking off pretty soon! Exciting!


Being so close to Germany, it’s a surprise we haven’t spent more time in Poland already, besides our quick trip to Poznan earlier this year. I went to Warsaw in 2004, and Zab has never been, so I’d love to go again with him and see how it’s changed. It seems that there has been an explosion of vegan offerings in the city, and it also has a great looking art scene and a beautiful old town. Plus it’s home to our favourite Polish blogger, Kami!


We regretted slightly not being able to include Bali (and Indonesia more generally) in our trip to Asia last winter, but we really prefer to travel slowly, and adding more and more destinations to a trip isn’t conducive to that! Nonetheless, next time we go to Asia, I’d love to visit Bali if for no other reason than to eat all the vegan things, especially in Ubud.


Australia’s second city looks like a much cooler, more alternative place compared to its big brother, Sydney (lately I think I enjoy countries’ second cities much more than their largest cities!) and so of course it has an abundance of my two favourite things: street art and vegan food. Like the US, there aren’t so many places that interest me in Australia, but Melbourne is definitely one of them. Who knows when we are likely to make it this far, but it’s certainly on the cards at some point, partly because Zab has family there (that boy has family everywhere, though!).

What other cities would you recommend for exploring a varied and vibrant vegan food scene? Let me know in the comments!