Guide to Eating Vegan in Lübeck

Guide to Eating Vegan in Lübeck

Given that I only spent 24 hours in Lübeck recently, I didn’t expect to be able to visit enough places to justify a vegan guide. The centre of the city is relatively small, however, and though not all of these places with vegan options were reviewed online already, I manage to stumble upon five very worthwhile places to eat. (Updated August 2017)

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When I first walked into this place on Saturday afternoon for lunch, it was empty. Don’t be put off if this is the case though, the food is lovely and comforting and it was filling up as I left later. The menu is 100% vegan, though the owner told me that she will make an exception and serve cow milk in coffee if it is requested.


I had a small pumpkin soup, then a sweet potato, tofu and cabbage dish, both of which were perfect on a sunny autumn afternoon, though it was a lot of orange!


I was informed that they often have vegan cakes, but they had sold out when I visited, so I cannot speak to their quality. Judging by everything else, though, I wouldn’t hesitate to try them.

For a small soup, small main and soft drink, I paid €11 including tip.


Café Affenbrot

Near the canal, this cosy but not small café/restaurant serves organic, mostly vegetarian food.


I just had a vegan cake (which was not marked as such, but was happily pointed out to me when I asked) and tea, but they also offer a vegan breakfast and have a small vegan mains menu, consisting of five items (mostly burgers and falafel) ranging from €5 to €9.


I paid €5 for my cake and tea including tip.



Everything at this classic German döner joint is vegetarian, and just under half is vegan, though the name might lead you to believe otherwise. It is known for its generous vegan döner, which for just €3 is a perfect cheap but filling meal. Instead of döner meat, the flatbread is filled with a thick bulgar, tomato and pomegranate paste, along with lettuce and fresh mint.


  • Address: Königstrasse 41, 23552, Lübeck
  • Foursquare


Another completely vegetarian place, this one offers enormous jacket potatoes with an interesting, fresh and tasty selection of fillings. (The name is the Austro-Bavarian word for potato, literally “earth apple”.)


All the combinations of fillings can be veganised, or you can just choose your own fillings from the wide range on display.

There is no table service but very friendly and helpful service nonetheless, and one large potato with the veganised Mediterranean filling set me back €5.50.




When I asked at this cute café if there was wifi, I got a response I’d never heard before “no we don’t, but that’s a great idea, isn’t it?!” No shit.


Everything on offer at this bakery and shop is organic, and when I asked, it turned out more than half the cakes were vegan, though none were marked as such.

For a large soy chai latte, slice of delicious chocolate cashew cake and very pleasant service, I paid €7.



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