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Guide to Eating Vegan in Vienna

Of all the Austrian cities, Vienna is certainly the one with the most vegan options, though Graz certainly gives it a run for its money. There are no doubt some gems to be found in Vienna, you just need to know where to look.

Over the last five years, I’ve spent some time in the city while teaching and tried out as many of the vegan and vegan friendly eateries and am always looking for new ones that are popping up and so will update it whenever I get the chance. For me, these have been the highlights for vegan Vienna. (Last update: July 2017).

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This 100% vegetarian mostly self-service eatery offers a wide arrange of healthy hot and cold food, mostly by weight (€2.70 per 100g to eat in) though drinks and desserts have set prices. Everything is clearly marked with easy to identify symbols indicating whether it is lactose free, gluten free, vegan, spicy and even kid-friendly.


For a large plate by weight, a small carrot and apple juice and a vegan chocolate banana cake, I paid €17.

The food is varied and tasty but my only complaint is the service. It is not entirely clear what you should serve yourself and what you should ask a waiter for. Also, the system of payment, whereby you are given a card upon entering which you present to the waiter when ordering something, is not terribly user friendly and slightly confusing.




Only serving lunch, this small establishment with two adjacent premises (one serving only salad, the other offering daily lunch menus) is nice for a filling midday meal. Mains change daily, though only two different options are served each day, one of which is usually vegan.


For a main of a Thai style vegetable coconut curry with rice and large side salad, I paid €11.50 and left very full.


  • Address: Färbergasse 8, 1010, Vienna
  • Website


Weltladen is a chain in Austria that sells ethically sourced and organic items (anything from notebooks to clothes to chocolate) from around the world. In Vienna, they also have a café, which serves a range of styles of food, with a couple of vegan options, clearly marked as such.


For a large (non-alcoholic) drink, a veggie wrap and chocolate and banana empanadas as dessert, I paid €16.



Brass Monkey

This cute café has a large selections of teas, but really specialises in homemade cupcakes, and usually has a couple of vegan ones. They are €3.20 each and delicious. The icing will melt on a hot day if you’re taking away, so eat them quickly!




Harvest was a great find. A 100% vegan café/restaurant, there is a nice selection of homemade cakes and warm drinks are offered with either soy or almond milk, making it a lovely place for a vegan version of the typically Viennese kaffee und kuchen in the afternoon.


They also serve daily lunch menus on week days and have a regular menu at other times, but the real reason to come here is for the Sunday brunch served as an all-you-can-eat buffet from 10am till 3pm every Sunday for €14.40.


There are the typical breads, spreads, cereal, soy yoghurt and fruit you’d expect of an Austrian morning meal, plus some imaginative sweet and savoury dishes, like raspberry, aramanth and chocolate mini tarts and tofu scramble.




In the name of research, I visited Veganista, a fully vegan ice cream shop, multiple times to try out the many different flavours. There are of course several fruit flavours (made with water), but you can usually find a couple of these at any ice cream stand.


I can highly recommend the many other milk-based options (which are made with either rice, oat, coconut or soy milk, and are indicated clearly) especially the cookies and cream. At only €1.60 for a generous scoop, it’s completely reasonable too!




If you’re craving pizza, this tiny, unpretentious place will do any of their regular pizzas with vegan cheese for just €1 extra. I had the simple tomato, aubergine (eggplant) and garlic pizza for €9 and the cheese was good but not as great as some others I’ve tried.



  • Address: Neustiftgasse 25, 1070, Vienna
  • Facebook

Deli Bluem

This bright, spacious place with very imaginative decoration has a wonderfully calm and inviting atmosphere. Everything on offer is vegan and organic. They serve breakfast menus all day, as well as offer food in a canteen style (€6.50 for a small plate and €10.50 for a large one) to eat in or take away, and they also sometimes do cooking classes.


Zab had the Berlin breakfast (€12), which consisted of an Indian bun filled with a dense curried mixture of chickpeas and spinach served with a latte macchiato (for which he chose homemade cashew milk) and a green smoothie.


I had the Marrakesh breakfast (€14), which was a plate of grilled aubergine (eggplant) topped with soy-safron yoghurt and pomegranate seeds and pine nuts, purple quinoa with red cabbage, dates and mint, hummus on sourdough bread, a banana and date smoothie and mint tea.

It was all very tasty and fresh, but we found portions to be reasonably small given the prices. Clearly, however, quality and innovation are priorities here.


Swing Kitchen

If you’re craving vegan fast food, be sure to check out this place. While the menu is not huge (there are three burgers, two wraps, several sides and a few desserts), everything is vegan and portions are generous.

The best value is in the menu deals, where you can easily get a burger or wrap plus thick-cut chips or salad and a soft drink for around €8.


The food is filling and tasty, but I found the sauces and dressings too sugary. As a plus, they use recycled containers for the food and recycle as much as possible themselves.


You order and pay first then your number is called to collect your food. It gets busy, especially at weekends, so be prepared for a short wait.


Fett + Zucker

This queer-friendly and alternative café has a couple of vegan cakes every day and offers soy milk for their hot drinks, which are served in small bowls rather than mugs.


There is free wifi and comfortable seating, making it very digital nomad friendly too, but it also works as a good place to spend a Sunday afternoon just hanging out with friends.



Nom Nom Vegan Bakery

With a very, very pink interior, this cute and cosy little café with all vegan cakes offers a few typical Austrian desserts made vegan. The black forest cake was moist and pleasant, though not extremely flavourful. There is no wifi, but the staff are friendly and it’s a pleasant place to relax for a bit near the canal.



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