Why vegans would probably survive a zombie apocalypse and meat eaters won’t

Try to picture the scenario that Hollywood has been pitching you for the better part of the last half a decade. There has been some kind of virus outbreak or some experiment has gone wrong and now the world is facing extinction at the hands of zombies. That’s a horrible way to go, but some survivors manage to get past it all and repopulate the earth. The secret that kept these survivors alive? They were vegans! Now that you’ve been eased into the possibility, here’s why in the case of such an outbreak, vegans are a lot more probable to survive than meat eaters.

Getting your food

This one is quite the no-brainer (get it?), as it makes you think about just where would people get their food from if humanity would go extinct and there would be no more supermarkets or stores to turn to. Vegans would probably have minimal problems growing their own crops and becoming self-sufficient in a relatively short period of time. Meat lovers however how a much tougher journey ahead of them. The only way they’re ever going to eat meat again is if they hunt it themselves. Most people don’t know anything about hunting so you can imagine that it would be a tremendously difficult, tiring and frustrating process just to get supper each day.


In a world where there is no medical assistance if the need arises, it’s incredibly important not to get sick as the smallest of health problems could escalate quickly and next thing you know you are dying from something really stupid. Vegans are a lot healthier and also prevent a lot of diseases through their plant based diet. The same thing cannot be said about meat eaters who are incredibly susceptible to all kinds of health problems such as diabetes, cancer and heart problems. This would make it a lot harder to survive on top of the hungry undead chasing you.

There might be no more food

Yes, meat eaters would have to hunt for their meat, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it would be ok to eat it too. For all we know, that meat could be infected and meat eaters would wake up being nothing more than undead corpses running amok because they consumed the flesh of a not so healthy animal in the woods. That kind of problem won’t arise if you don’t eat meat, which vegans excel at naturally. More so, they are already used to a life with no meat involved which would make it very easy for them to take care of their diet in a safe manner.

These are some of the reasons why vegans will probably survive the zombie apocalypse while meat eaters will most likely turn to hunting vegans as undead.