Our Winter 2017 Travel Plans

Our Winter 2017 Travel Plans

Well, hello there! Sorry for the absence on the blog lately. I’ve been working on several other projects and since I haven’t been travelling much, there hasn’t been much new to report here. However, that’s going to change soon, as Zab and I will be heading off next month on another trip, though not as long as some of our previous winter escapes. I’ve come to the realisation that I actually don’t want to travel for extended period often anymore, as I really like just being at home in Berlin!

Nonetheless, we’re going to go on a trip for about a month across two continents and four countries. Here’s a preview of what’s coming up for us. If you have any recommendations for any of the places we’ll be visiting, please let us know!

Washington DC

We’ll start off by flying in to the US capital, and staying there just a couple of nights before going to a family wedding in nearby Maryland. I don’t have any particular expectations for this city, except that I want to explore some of the many free museums while getting over the jet lag from crossing the Atlantic. What else should we do there?


I’ve been wanting to visit Philadelphia for a while now, and before I knew I would be going there, I even drew up a wishlist for the city! Zab and I will be travelling there with my mother, who actually lived there for a year as a baby (though has no memory of it!) and I’m looking forward to exploring the vegan food scene, hipster cafés, street art and history. We’ll have four days there before taking the Amtrak train to our next destination, which I’m quite excited about because I love trains and have never ridden on in the US before!

New York City

Also with my mother, we’ll visit this great city for the second time this year (the first was back in March after we were in Mexico) just for two nights before leaving the country and heading back to Europe. There won’t be time for all that much, but vegan food will no doubt be the main priority, though my mum is also keen to explore the High Line, weather permitting.


Since we won’t be spending the majority of winter away from Berlin, we decided that we wanted to spend at least a week somewhere that was going to be warmer than we’ll be for the rest of the season, and we’d been talking idly about going back to Lisbon again for a while, so when I found a good deal on a flight directly from NYC, it was a no-brainer! We’ll spend about 10 days in the Portuguese capital, updating my vegan guide, enjoying the fantastic scenery and weather and catching up on work after our US trip.


For just a few days, we’ll stop by London, our former home, as Zab has some work to attend to there, and I’ll catch up with friends and family.


Flying directly to Berlin from London in early December was horrifyingly expensive, and since I found a cheap flight to Copenhagen and we hadn’t been there together for some time, it seemed to make sense! We’ll see a couple of friends, maybe eat some more vegan food and hopefully not freeze to death!

What are you top recommendations for each of our upcoming destinations? Or will you be in any of these places in November? Let us know in the comments!