My Wish List for Philadelphia

There aren’t many cities in the United States that attract my attention, but for a while now, Philadelphia has been one of the few. I’ve heard so many good things about this untouristy city, and it has so many features that I enjoy in a city. Here are some of the top things I’d want to see, do, eat, and discover on my future trip to Philadelphia.

Check Out the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Image via Flickr by PMillera4

I love art museums, and the Philadelphia Art Museum looks like it definitely wouldn’t disappoint. However, I can’t spend hours and hours in one museum, or I’d fall asleep on my feet. I just don’t have the stamina! But this place is so big and full of fascinating pieces by artists from all over the world, I might just have to visit it twice. Getting an IHG hotel near the Philadelphia Museum of Art might be worth it. I’d be able to get there right after breakfast and spend a few hours there before returning to the hotel for a nap.

Visit the Rodin Museum

I’ve been fascinated by the works of the French sculptor Auguste Rodin for a while now. Knowing that this is the largest collection of his works outside of Paris, I’d definitely have to swing by for a visit when I go to Philadelphia. I have fond memories of visiting the Rodin Museum in Paris and I recently saw extensive exhibitions of his pieces in Mexico, so this would be the perfect way to round out the Rodin experience.

Eat All the Vegan Food

Philadelphia has an established vegan scene, and Happy Cow lists more than 20 fully vegan restaurants and many more with vegan options. Depending on how long I had in the city, I’d try and visit the majority of them. At the very least, I’d hit some of the highest rated ones. Some priorities would definitely be Blackbird Pizzeria for some obligatory vegan pizza, HipCityVeg for classic American comfort food, and Grindcore House for some coffee and vegan pastries.

See Some Street Art

Philadelphia is full of street art, including some enormous murals that take up entire sides of buildings. Knowing where to look is key, though. The neighbourhoods of Midtown Village and North Philadelphia look like good places to start spotting some of the best pieces.

Delve Into the Café Scene

I love a good independent hipster café, and it’s easy to see that Philadelphia is full of them. After all this wandering around town, I’d gladly spend some time with my nose in a book or post about my trip on Instagram while relaxing at One Shot Coffee, Elixr Coffee Roasters, or Menagerie Coffee. All look like excellent places to relax, recharge your batteries, and check out the good-looking locals!

Philadelphia has me pretty excited, and knowing just how much there is to see and do there has me thinking I should definitely try and get there in 2017. Let’s see if I can make it happen. Watch this space!