There are so many excellent destinations to visit around the world, and with more and more of the planet becoming easily accessible, choosing where to go for your next holiday can be pretty tricky!

While Zab and I now know what we much prefer slow travel (and indeed need to travel slowly in order to be able to get our work done as we go), the list of places we’d like to visit in 2016 certainly isn’t getting any shorter. Here are some of them, including a few that are a bit of a stretch.

Czech Republic

We’ve visited Prague and Cesky Krumlov several times already and we keep going back because we love those places, but we’d also like to get to know more of the Czech Republic. Specifically, Brno, the country’s second largest city, is calling to us. A trip there in spring is looking relatively likely, so fingers crossed!



Having been to Sweden more than ten times and with several friends in Stockholm, we feel like we know Sweden pretty well, but we’ve always stayed in the southern part of the country. Hopefully we’ll get to visit those friends this summer, but we’d also love to try and see part of the country we’ve never seen before. Maybe 2016 will finally be the year for a trip to Swedish Lapland!


If you’ve been following closely, you’ve probably noticed that we only visited Barcelona last month for a few days, but this made us even more keen to get back and see more of Spain. In particular, we’d love to see some of Andalucía together (we’ve both been to Seville but never together) as well as the Canary Islands, perhaps as a quick autumn getaway!



Yes, I know, we’ve only just got back from our most recent winter trip to Europe, but we’re already thinking about where we can escape to next (northern hemisphere) winter, and Mexico is looking like a likely contender. With several Mexican friends who tell us how great a country it is, to all the bloggers who rave about it, we can’t wait to experience travelling there ourselves. We've been looking at Sea Side Mexico, an accommodation company, and they offer great affordable resorts throughout Mexico so we can't wait to check them out.

South Africa

If Mexico doesn’t work out for the end of the year, we’re also considering South Africa, which would be our first time in Africa. One advantage of going to South Africa would be that coming from Europe there’d be no risk of jet lag! That might not seem like such a bit deal, but after how much we suffered form travelling back to Europe from East Asia, it suddenly seems more important! Also, it’s an English-speaking country and has some beautiful scenery. We’ve also met several people who’ve told us how great Cape Town is in particular and we’d love to check it out for ourselves.



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