When thinking about cities with lots of entertainment options, cities like New York and Los Angeles are typically the first ones to come to mind. These cities have large populations and a wide variety of places to go, giving residents plenty of things to do. On the other hand, some people may not be aware of the entertainment options in smaller cities. One such city is Knoxville, a city that many people are likely unfamiliar with. However, even being unfamiliar with the area, you can still find plenty of things to keep you entertained in the Marble City. So if you’re ever in Knoxville what can you keep yourself preoccupied with? Here are three things to do in Knoxville. 


Visit World’s Fair Park

One of Knoxville’s most iconic sights is the World’s Fair Park. Although originally built to host the World’s Fair, much of the park still stands today as a popular tourist destination. People can visit the park, getting plenty of entertainment and activity for the day. There are plenty of amenities like trails and fountains in the park, making the area the perfect place for a nice afternoon walk. If you’re looking for DJs for hire in Knoxville, TN there are plenty of DJs and other live entertainers in World’s Fair Park. Tourists can visit the park and experience some of the local musicians’ work, further adding to the park’s intrigue. Finally, the park’s biggest attraction is the Sunsphere, a massive observation tower that allows visitors to peer out over the gorgeous Knoxville skyline. World’s Fair Park is a classic Knoxville attraction, and you should definitely give it a visit if you’re in town.

Go to Market Square District

Another classic way to spend a day in Knoxville is by going to the Market Square District, a great place to get to know the local culture. Most people want to see massive buildings or interesting architecture when they travel, but Market Square District has something different to offer. One could make a day just exploring the nearby shops, later sitting down to enjoy some food from the restaurants that also line the area. In addition, the district hosts occasional farmer’s markets, further allowing you to get to know some of the locals and do some more shopping. If you’re looking for a true Knoxville experience, then you should definitely explore Market Square District for a day. 

Attend UT Athletic Events

Perhaps what Knoxville is most famous for is being home to the University of Tennessee. The Volunteers of Tennessee play in the Southeastern Conference, one of the best conferences in the NCAA. People in the south love their football, and it's no different in Tennessee. Tennesseans are extremely passionate about their home college team, and they show up in droves to support them. The program is a historic one, being home to many football greats like Peyton Manning. Football isn’t the only thing that UT is good at, as the school has one of the best women’s basketball programs in the country and a great men’s basketball program as well. Almost all of UT’s sporting events are absolutely electric, meaning that you’ll have an absolute blast attending them. If you ever find yourself in Knoxville and want to get caught up in passion, then you absolutely should check out some of UT’s sporting events.

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