The situation is grim, and traveling is probably the last thing people are concerned about right now, but just like everything else, “this too shall pass.” It may take a long time for traveling to resume again, but it will happen eventually and inevitably. When that happens though, things may not remain exactly the same, at least not for a while anyway.

Out of the many facets of traveling that will be affected by the impact of this global pandemic, today we are going to focus on what booking accommodations is going to be like in a post-Covid-19 world. Stay with us as share a few important tips based on facts, stats, and the opinions of popular traveling experts.

Wait for the Discounts

The entire travel industry has come to a grinding halt in a matter of days and indefinitely so. What that means is, by the time lockdowns and quarantines are finally a thing of the past, the industry will have suffered multiple billions of dollars in losses. Unfortunate as this is, it will also lower the cost of booking accommodations to a great degree.

Wait for massive discounts on booking accommodations in the post-Covid-19 world, from all classes of hotels, hostels, serviced apartments, resorts, etc. Don’t jump in right away though.

Wait Out the Rush

As most of the travelers who are getting restless at home right now are also waiting to grab those opportunities, expect a rush. However, we suggest avoiding the rush and waiting it out a little longer than most. It never hurts to be extra careful when we are discussing a global pandemic that has already killed tens of thousands of people! Postpone your plans for a few extra months if you must, just to make sure that it’s truly safe to travel. Traveling to any popular place that’s too crowded is likely going to remain a bad idea for the foreseeable future.

Don’t Book Long Vacations

Be clever and stick to booking rooms for only short trips. Looking at the thousands of people stranded in foreign nations right now should give you an idea of how wrong long trips can go. Take it slow and keep it short for the time being. Do not book rooms for long trips, even if the discount is massive. We are facing an unprecedented crisis and it’s best not to take any risks at all right now.

Some Things Don’t Change

Some things don’t change and one of them is selecting the right hotel room. You should still be looking for a great view, proper amenities like hot water supply, Wi-Fi, etc. and of course, a comfortable bed. Anyone who travels frequently knows how difficult it can be to sleep in hotel beds that are either too soft, too small, too hard or if you are particularly unlucky, uneven!

Get to know more about finding the perfect mattress size and rigidity that are perfect for you, and then enquire with the hotel to check if they have the kind of bed you need to sleep well at night. Nothing changes about sleeping comfortably at night, even in the post-Covid-19 world, so do make that inquiry in advance.

In all fairness, it’s impossible to predict much of anything about how the world is going to be affected by this disaster and how the industries affected by it will recover. Nevertheless, rest assured that if we survived the flu and the first World War back-to-back over a century ago, we will survive this one too and we will travel again. Just don’t end up booking your accommodations too soon!

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