With the winter months approaching, you might be excited to see a scattering of snow. While some countries see snow more often than others, winter tends to be colder and plenty of places will experience snow and ice. Soon, it’ll be time for snowball fights, sledding and warming hot chocolates.

However, it’s an unfortunate fact that colder weather can bring problems alongside joy. Driving in snow can be extremely difficult, and should be avoided unless completely essential. But, if you have to drive in the snow and ice, it’s important to be prepared. Here are 5 must haves to keep in your car.

What happens if you get in an accident without a license In Texas? You’ll probably want to call a lawyer. This can be difficult if you’re driving without your phone. Luckily, most people carry a cellphone with them these days. However, it’s essential when driving in dangerous conditions. If you get into an accident, a phone could get you in contact with the emergency services or a family member to look after you. So, keep your phone with you at all times, just in case… however, this doesn’t mean use it whilst you’re behind the wheel – only use your phone if it is safe to do so and you need to.

First aid-kit
Accidents are much more common in snowy and icy weather. Icy roads mean that braking takes longer, and your vehicle could skid. It’s important to keep a first aid kit with you if you’re driving in dangerous conditions. While you hope not to get into an accident, a first-aid kit could prove valuable if you do. Make sure it’s well equipped and easy to access in an emergency.

If you aren’t used to snowy conditions, the thought of wearing sunglasses might seem a bit odd. However, driving in bright conditions with settled snow could wreak havoc on your vision. The snow reflects the sunlight and can make it near impossible to see. So, keep a pair of sunglasses in your glove box for those dazzling crisp winter days.

Depending on whereabouts you’re driving and the severity of the snowfall, there’s a possibility that snow might block your path. This means that you’ll need to get out of the vehicle and move it – if it’s safe to do so. This is where your shovel comes in handy. You can use it to move snow out of your path and safely continue to your destination. It’s a great thing to keep with you just in case.

Most people use a GPS system to find their way around these days. And, for the most part, that’s fine. However, if you’re driving on isolated roads in snowy towns you might find that your GPS loses signal. This could mean that you’re left lost and stranded on a dark and freezing road. So, always keep a map in your vehicle. This should help to navigate you to the nearest rest stop, at least.

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