A food crawl is an activity that seems to be gaining a lot more popularity among friends. Apart form the fact that it’s a fantastic way to try different foods from multiple restaurants, it’s also a great way for a group of friends to bond and connect with each other. Food crawls are fun, exciting, and very filling. You could do a food crawl that’s pretty random and just eat at new places you haven’t tried out. However, you could also do a food crawl that is themed and make sure all the restaurants you visit fit that theme. One of such themes could be vegan food.

A lot of research has been done regarding the benefits of a vegan diet. Even if you’re not exactly vegan, you’d still find a vegan adventure pretty thrilling. The planning of such an activity, from selecting restaurants to arranging transportation, can be as exciting as the food itself.

Select the Preferred Restaurants

A vegan food crawl is quite specific and you need to do some research to find out which vegan restaurants have the best reviews in terms of factors like their food, ambience, and general customer service. These restaurants must be carefully mapped out so that you follow a defined route as opposed to winging it. Make sure the people involved in your crawl are aware and are okay with the choices before you make the decision to go any further. Also, try to make sure that the restaurants you select are not too far from each other. Your guests would be a little too tired if you do this. Also, try not to be too strict or picky as this might take out the fun of the activity.

Plan for Your Guests

There’s no point planning a food crawl and not involving your prospective guests. Let them know your plans every step of the way. This is one way to keep them enthusiastic about the activity. Let everyone pitch in an idea or two that they think will make the crawl more interesting. You could even ask people to suggest great vegan dishes that others may not have tried out.

Be Innovative

There are many other things apart from food that would add a lot of excitement to a food crawl. You could include a little sightseeing or even board games. Yes, it’s a food crawl but you shouldn’t make it all about food. Other little things like this could serve as an addition and even a distraction in the event that someone doesn’t like something they just tried.

Don’t Overdo It

Try not to plan a food crawl that involves five to seven different restaurants. Most people will burn out and be extremely tired of eating and moving around somewhere around the fifth one. The best thing to do here is to make a list of all the vegan restaurants you’d like to try and then split them into activity that will last a few days. About three or four restaurants will suffice and everyone can easily retire after that. It’s a food crawl but you also want people to be as involved as possible.

Consider Choosing a Weekday

The main reason this should be considered is that, most of the time, restaurants are pretty crowded during the weekend. If you try to do a food crawl in crowded restaurants, you won’t enjoy the experience much because you would be too distracted. Figure out a weekday when everyone will be available and try to plan it on the said day.

One of the most important parts of planning a food crawl with friends is to make sure transportation can handle the number of friends or guests that you have. There really is no point trying to have everyone drive or take many separate cabs. Apart from the food, the camaraderie is important and this is easier achieved when all the activities including transportation are carried out together.

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