This April has been our cheapest full month yet! Given that we spent almost as much in January (even though we only started our trip half way through that month), that might not be saying much. We spent the whole month in Buenos Aires, where we rented an apartment, and didn't travel outside the city, which is most certainly why we spent so much less than previous months.

What did we spend? (All values are in GBP)

  • Total spent for 2 people in April (30 days): £1411.99
  • Average per person per day: £23.53

The pie chart:


The accommodation portion here is our apartment, which we rented through Casa San Telmo, and which we had to pay for in US dollars cash. Transport is entirely made up of local transport within the city, plus an overnight trip Zab took to Uruguay to get a few things we weren't able to get here. You'll notice also that the eating out segment is way smaller than in previous months as we had our own kitchen and made full use of it, but we did end up eating out about once a week. Cafés is relatively high, which may come as no surprise, but can partly be explained by the wifi often not working in our apartment and us needing to go out to Starbucks to get some work done.

home-made spaghetti
home-made spaghetti with tomato and avocado

Indefinite Adventure around the web

In April, we had our first few mentions and guest appearances on other travel blogs, which was terribly exciting!

What did we do?

We spent the month working hard on our various projects and exploring the city in our free time. As we'd both been a bit ill at the end of March, and because we like the city so much, we decided it made sense to extend our stay by just over a week and in to the beginning of May, which has turned out to have been a great decision. We got more time to hang out with the friends we already knew living here and the new ones we made during our time here. All of our experiences here have served to solidify this city as one we would definitely like to come back to at some point.


In the meantime, though, we'll miss you BA!

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