From the minute the groom announced his upcoming wedding, you knew that you would be given the task of planning the perfect bachelor party and dealing with party rentals. You may have been lost for words when the groom could not stop talking about an overseas bachelor party. If you are not an organized person, you might get overwhelmed with all of the options. Planning an overseas bachelor party does not have to be stressful. Make a list of everything you need for the trip. You need to keep track of flight payments, hotel reservations and the daily entertainment.

The Airline

Book the tickets with a low-cost airline. If the groom wants to invite several of his buddies, you should try to find the most affordable airline tickets. The groom can take plenty of first class flights after his wedding. Visit to find the best wedding destination. He should only be thinking about getting everyone to his overseas bachelor party. Lucky for him, you are going to search for cheap plane tickets. Before you make your reservations, you should make sure that everyone can leave the country for at least a few days.The Hotel

Does the groom want to stay in a popular hotel chain or a local hotel? Sometimes, you can find great deals on local hotels. Do not base your decision solely on price. Do some research on the area before paying for the hotel. If the hotel is in a safe area, you can compare its amenities to the popular hotel chains. The best local hotels are close to popular bars.The Entertainment

When the groom is not at a bar, you need to keep him entertained. You do not have to spend a lot of money on the popular local attractions. You and your buddies can play drinking games. If the hotel is close to a grocery store, you can buy odd items and embarrass the groom.Popular Clubs

Drinking games are fun, but you did not travel thousands of miles to stay in your hotel. You need to find the popular clubs. When you find the popular clubs, you should make sure that the dancers are really beautiful women. If you have watched any popular bachelor party movies, you should know that looks can be deceiving. You should also make sure that someone stays somewhat sober. If everyone drinks too much, you could wake up with a monkey in your hotel room.Restaurants

You can order room service every day, or you can try some local restaurants. The groom should be sober at fancy restaurants. If you are only eating pizza and burgers, you can order a pint of beer with every meal.You should not wait until the last minute to plan the bachelor party. If you wait too long to plan the party, you might not be able to purchase affordable plane tickets. The groom should also make sure that his bride is happy with his overseas bachelor party. The bride will probably have a bachelorette party, but you should make sure that the groom enjoys himself without upsetting his bride.

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