Camping is a great way to see a country. Taking the time to go on a camping tour around a new country in your car can not only make for a cheap and easy way to go on holiday, but it is also an excellent way to get to know that country and experience the great outdoors in an ecologically friendly way! All the same, it is important to gear up with the most suitable Camping Equipment along with other prerequisites before you head off. Here are five of the best European destinations for camping with a car, you perhaps even hiring a motorhome with Goboony.


The land of ice and fire has so much natural beauty to offer, and unfortunately the public transport options once you get outside of the capital, Reykjavik, it is more or less impossible to get around without your own vehicle. Driving the Ring Road (also known as Route 1), which encircles the island, you'll get to see such natural wonders as the Blue Lagoon, Thingvellir National Park, Jokusarlon Glacial Lagoon and Dettifoss, but you won't see many other people or services, often for several hours. Therefore, it's important to remember to come well equipped with enough water, snacks, gas and even spare parts for your car.


This Scandinavian country has a well established right to camp on public land, known as the Allmansrett. So campervanning in Norway is easy, as long as you are respectful, clean up after yourself and are responsible with your use of fire, you can camp more or less anywhere in Norway out in nature. And a good thing too, because Norway is otherwise a very expensive place to visit, so you'll spare your wallet the unpleasantness by camping. Norway has some stunning countryside to offer the intrepid camper too, with everything from flatland full of lakes near the Swedish border, to stunning mountain landscapes in the north and fjords lining the whole western coast.


Unlike in other parts of the UK, wild camping is perfectly legal in Scotland, as long as you remain 100 meters from any private property or roads. This makes Scotland an excellent place to visit for any camping trip, and being an English speaking country makes it an easily accessible place for North Americans to visit for their first time in Europe. And despite what you might have heard, Scottish accents (at least outside of Glasgow) are not that hard to understand!


The culture around camping is big business in Germany, meaning that any camping trip here with your car is going to be an easy and comfortable one. Campsites are in general well equipped and maintained to a high standard, making it an excellent option for families with young children trying out their first camping holiday. In Germany, highways are well built and maintained, and road quality is excellent all over the country, so even if you'd like to really get out into the sticks, you're unlikely to need 4 wheel drive on your car.

Wherever you decide to take a camping trip with your car in Europe, you are bound to have a blast! Camping Console will ensure you take all things related to enjoying the great outdoors. The continent is full of stunning scenery, rich culture, varied food and friendly people. So don't hesitate, get out and start planning your first camping trip around Europe for the summer with your car now!

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