This is a new feature we’ll be trying out on the blog: once a month, we’ll pick our favourite posts from other travel blogs from the last month, and tell you why they’re worth reading or why we connected with them in particular; our best reads of the month!


Is it Safe to Travel in Iraq? from Aaron's Worldwide Adventures

I would love to travel to Iraqi Kurdistan, a region with complete autonomy from the central Iraqi government, and Aaron‘s overview of the safety situation in doing so has definitely kindled that desire. While nowhere in the world is guaranteed to be completely safe, his verdict is nonetheless: yes, mostly.

Happiness is Not a Destination: How to Enjoy the Journey from Tiny Buddha

Alex tells how his decision to travel the world and live by doing work he loved has lead him to be a happier person than had he followed a career path and climbed the corporate ladder, which while expected, is not something that ever appealed to him.

100 tips on how to stay healthy and fit on the road from Travelettes

Rita gives 100 excellent and easy to follow tips for how to maintain a balanced diet, look after your health and stay fit even if you travel extensively. An invaluable resource!

Travel Income: The World Traveler's Guide to Making Money from Rich Traveler

In this extensive overview, Wade gives several specific and achievable ideas for generating both earned and saved income to help supplement your travel funds either while saving up to travel or during your travels themselves.

What It's Like To Travel To North Korea from Wandering Earl

After returning from a recent trip to North Korea, Earl recounts what the country is really like to visit, shattering some of his preconceived ideas from the fact that boarder officials do not check all your photos before you leave to how interaction with everyday North Koreans while travelling in a tour group is entirely permitted and easily achieved.

Finding the Good Way: How to Meditate While Trekking at 15,000 Feet from Uncornered Market

Audrey recounts the long, slow process of finding her rhythm while trekking in the Himalayas. Starting with the hard grind leading up to the hike, through the tough first few days, she eventually finds ‘the good way' at over 5,000 metres. Her advice for doing such a hike may change your outlook next time you do something similar.

Where Backpackers Go to Die from Leave Your Daily Hell

Robert asks a question I've been wondering a lot about lately: what comes after backpacking? He, like us, is realising that he's less interested in paying to stay in dirty dorms and travel on chicken buses and that he'd rather stay in a nice hotel and maybe travel first class…but how to make the transition? How does one move on from backpacking while still travelling in a style that allows for interactions with other travellers?

5 Reasons Solo Travel Sucks from Dangerous Business

Amanda has been travelling solo around Europe for over a month now as part of a longer round the world trip, but recently she's felt like packing it all in and going home. Why? Travelling alone is hard, especially when you're an introvert. The awkwardness of dining alone in restaurants, trying to take a decent picture of yourself and constantly having to say goodbye to travel companions are all challenges to overcome. “It's not all unicorns and rainbows!”

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