Once a month, we pick our favourite posts from other travel blogs from the last month, and tell you why they’re worth reading or why we connected with them in particular; our best reads of the month!


A Traveler's Guide to Protecting Identity, Accounts and Information on the Road from Everywhere Once

“If you’re like us, your entire life is on your computer. And if someone wanted to steal your life, or access your bank account, there’s no better roadmap for doing it than the files on your computer.” In 6 steps, Brian shows you how to fortify your computer against such a theft.

The 21 Best iPhone Apps for Digital Nomads from Never Ending Voyage

Seeing how a smart phone is pretty much a requirement of being a digital nomad nowadays, you might as well load it up with some useful apps. These are Simon‘s picks, many of which are also our favourites!

5 Reasons Why YOU WILL NEVER TRAVEL from Goats on the Road

Nick and Dariece present five commonly given reasons that people believe they can't travel and then present the perfect solution. No more excuses, yo!

7 Ways You Know You are Comfortable Traveling with your Significant Other from My Tan Feet

In this hilarious and honest post, Samantha, while revealing perhaps just a little too much information about her bathroom habits, discusses just what it's like to know that you and your partner are suited to travelling together.

A Portrait of Helsinki in Winter from Bridges and Balloons

Victoria paints a beautiful picture of this Nordic capital and its inhabitants, recently frosted with snow.

Places Around The World That I Shall Never Forget from Wandering Earl

There are some moments in your life, in your travels, that just stay with you; that perfect combination of place in the world and place in your mind. From Yemen to Romania, Australia to South Africa and Pakistan to Finland, Earl recounts the places he's visited that have left a lasting impression on him.

Practicing Gratitude Wherever You Go from Ashley Abroad

As well as learning that a nomadic lifestyle is not for her, Ashley also took something else very important away from her time spent travelling in Asia: gratitude.

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