This is a new feature we'll be trying out on the blog: once a month, we'll pick our favourite posts from other travel blogs from the last month, and tell you why they're worth reading or why we connected with them in particular; our best reads of the month!


20 Years of TnT from Contemporary Nomad

Thomas and Tony celebrate 20 years together. 20 years! Congratulations, guys! With our own anniversary coming up (just 8 for us), we're hoping we can be as lucky as these two and make it to 20.

How can you afford to travel around the world? from That Backpacker

Audrey breaks down how she has been able to afford the life of travel she's been living, from working as a tutor in high school to teaching English in South Korea to the work contributing to online publications she's doing now. Put like this, it makes you realise anyone could do something similar if they really want it enough.

Getting Work Done While Traveling – Is It Possible? from Landing Standing

“Done is the engine of more.” Tony lays out how you can get things done while travelling. The answer is surprisingly simple, but if you're anything like me and Zab, you may struggle getting there.

You Say Tomato, I say Ermmmm: How Travel Changed My Language from Everyday Nomad

As a linguistics geek (it's what I studied at university), I loved reading another Londoner talk about how the way he speaks has been shaped by his travels. Now the question is, should we be proud of our native accents and should we try to assert them around people who speak differently?

Lessons Learned from 200 Hours of Teaching English Abroad from Flora the Explorer

Having taught English as a foreign language for the three years before we left Europe on our indefinite adventure, I related strongly to Flora's post. From the way teaching makes you put your own behaviour under a microscope to how you can simultaneously hate and cling to the resources you're given, this post reminded me a lot of how I used to feel teaching English.

Goats On The Road: This Is Why We Travel a guest post from A Cruising Couple

It took Nick and Dariece going from a ‘normal' life in Canada to backpacking around South East Asia and India and back to Canada to realise the life they'd left behind there wasn't the one they wanted. So, they packed up again and found an excellent way to sustain their desire to travel indefinitely: teaching English! I came across their blog recently, and their story has got me really excited, and wondering why I ever stopped teaching!

More than Friends: How the Fall of DOMA Upgraded Our Relationship a guest post from Globetrotter Girls

Ligeia and Mindy, an American-Canadian lesbian couple, recount what it means for them and their relationship now that the US government has repealed the Defence of Marriage Act. Will they give up their lives as nomads to return to Ligeia's home country now that their marriage will be legally recognised there? It seems unlikely, but the knowledge that they could brings a smile to my face.

Reliving Lord of the Rings in Wellington from Beyond Blighty

I bloody love the Lord of the Rings. (And yes, I read the book before I even knew there would be a film, and I still love them both.) Arianwen embraces the cheesiness of recreating some of iconic scenes from the Fellowship of the Ring on this tour she took of various filming locations around Wellington.

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