Once a month, we pick our favourite posts from other travel blogs from the last month, and tell you why they’re worth reading or why we connected with them in particular; our best reads of the month!


The Cold London Tube from Be My Travel Muse

Being a native Londoner, I could relate to Kristin‘s sense of disillusionment with the people of my hometown when dealing with them on the Tube.

How Is Long Term Travel Affecting My Mental Health? from Backpacker Banter

Chris wonders whether he's doing the right thing living a nomadic life, and if perhaps he might be better off doing something more ‘normal'.

Please don't go to…Berlin from Globetrotter Girls

I don't usually pick destination specific posts for this feature, but everything about Berlin is piquing my interest lately as we're aiming to set up a base there in 2014, but then here's Jess telling us not to go. Or is she?

On Privacy from Alex in Wanderland

Where to draw the line when it comes to internet privacy? Alex relates a rather upsetting story from her past and her new perspective on it.

Why We, Travel Bloggers, Are Such Hungry Peeps? from eTramping

Noticed how so many travel blogs seem to be turning into food blogs (this one is no exception)? Agness discusses this new trend and why she loves it.

The Internet from Never Ending Voyage

Simon rambles metaphorically about his love-hate relationship with the internet.

A World Without Work: Star Trek Edition from Everywhere Once

Science fiction as a force for social change? Throw in a few Jean-Luc Picard quotes and references and I'm all over this piece by Brian!

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