Once a month, we’ll pick our favourite posts from other travel blogs from the last month, and tell you why they’re worth reading or why we connected with them in particular; our best reads of the month!


How crossing a road in Saigon can help you create your dream life from Y Travel Blog

Caz recounts how, way back in 1999 (I was only 13 then!), after having spent two months in Indonesia and thinking she had Asia figured out, that crossing a road in Saigon at first seemed impossible. What she learnt, and reflects on now, is that there are times when you just have to ignore the chaos around you and move forward through it, trusting that things will fall in place around you and that you'll arrive at your dream.

The Search for Harry Potter in London from Travels of Adam

Who knew there was a Harry Potter tour in London?! In this post, Adam takes us with him and his tour guide (also called Adam) on a journey through some of the places that inspired some of the locations in the books and others that were actually used as shooting locations for the films adaptations.

The Art of Haggling from Be My Travel Muse

Kristin explains the why, the how and the etiquette of haggling in places where it is normal and even expected. The bottom line: don't be afraid to haggle; not doing so may actually be more offensive to your interlocutor than you might image doing it is.

Struggling with the End of Africa from Brendan's Adventures

This is one of those posts that there aren't enough of in the travel blogging world in my opinion: a real and honest admission that sometimes travelling is really not what someone wants to be doing. After having spent months travelling by motorbike from Morocco to South Africa, Brendan wasn't able to enjoy his last few days in his final African country as it wasn't where he wanted to be. Instead, he wanted to be at home.

An Ode to the Mandi from Aaron's Worldwide Adventures

You know those little plastic buckets with a handle floating in a bucket of water commonly found beside toilets in South East Asia? Well, here's a whole blog post about them. Yes, that's right. This lovely little invention really is quite a clever little thing, and Aaron waxes poetic about their genius.

After 4 Months of Traveling Am I Still in Love? from A Backpacker's Tale

With a title like this, I went in reading this post fully expecting the answer to be no. However, Stephen looks back at the decisions and sacrifices he made in order to be able to start his indefinite travels and decides that absolutely yes, it was worth it. And given the wealth of experiences he's had in just four months, I can see why.

The life of gay people in Muslim Malaysia from 1Dad1Kid

Talon did something with this post that I've been wanting to see (or do myself) for a while now: he interviewed an (anonymous) gay person in a very conservative country to report what it's really like growing up and living there and being homosexual. This particular interview is both to the point and very detailed, and at seperate moments heartbreaking and uplifting.

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