London, the largest city in Europe, with an extensive history, diverse culture and eclectic architecture is a fascinating place to visit. There are so many things to do ther, you could easily spend a week sightseeing all day and not end up at the same place twice. Here are some of the most classic things to do in London, and all for good reason.

Visit the Tower of London

This former royal castle and prison right on the embankment of the river Thames has been standing there for almost 1000 years. Nowadays, it’s mostly used as a museum and it’s where you can go to see the Crown Jewels, some of which are regularly used for ceremonial purposes by the Queen herself.

Go to a football match

As the home of football, and several local teams, attending a football match is a great way to get a flavour for the sporting life of the British capital. Arsenal, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United are the six Premier League clubs in the city, where tickets will sell out the fastest, but there are more than a dozen other clubs in different leagues which may be easier to get seats at. Either way, be prepared with some football betting tips to make the most of the experience! 

Ride the London Eye

Probably the most iconic London landmark, after the House of Parliament, the London Eye has only been standing for 20 years, but is now completely synonymous with the British capital. Taking a full ride lasts about 30 minutes, and gives you a great panoramic view of the city below, as even though it’s not that high, neither are many of the other structures nearby so you can literally see for miles!

Visit a free museum

With so many free museums and art galleries to choose from, you could easily spend your entire visit to London doing this. Since there are so many possibilities, there will certainly be something for every taste. Try the National Portrait Gallery for contemporary and historical portraiture, the Natural History Museum for dinosaur skeletons and more, or the Victoria and Albert Museum for a tour through the history of fashion.

Have you ever visited London? What would you add to this list?

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