Copenhagen felt comfortable and welcoming right from the beginning. We arrived ahead of the rest of the #mygaypride crew to hang out with a good friend living there we hadn’t seen for some time, which turned out to be the perfect introduction to the city for us, involving a lot of wandering around, having coffee and catching up on how our lives have changed since we last saw each other.


Once we moved into the Anderson hotel and met up with the rest of the #mygaypride group however, our view of the city shifted a little, and we changed gears in preparation for pride. The hotel itself played its part in getting us in the mood with its camp decor, flirty staff and suggestive bedside lamps.


One thing I really liked about Copenhagen Pride was the fact that the main square of the city was transformed into Pride Square, which was free to enter. The two nights before the parade there were free drag, comedy and musical performances which were a lot of fun, despite the fact that Alaska Thunderfuck had cancelled her appearance (which was a shame, though no one was quite as disappointed as David!)


The parade itself was joyous! The good vibes were amplified by the fact the fact that the sun was out and so everyone was in a good mood. It was great to see such a diverse mix of people turn out not only to participate in the parade but to watch it too.


One straight couple had even apparently decided to marry and join the celebration.


It was also very nice to see bi, trans and polyamorous people proudly represented in the parade.



And Adam got covered in glitter, so everyone was happy.


For more on Copenhagen, check out our vegan guide to the city.

This article is part of the #mygaypride campaign, masterfully organised by Two Bad Tourists and sponsored by Gay Star News. Thanks also to Interrail for providing us with train passes and the lovely staff at Visit Copenhagen for showing us around. All opinions are our own.

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