December was a month of work and family, though there was definitely still some travel in there, but not quite on the scale of previous months.

What did we do?

For the first week of the month, we were both in London, doing chores we could only do there, but we also went to a friend’s Christmas party in Bournemouth. I then went away to Austria on my own to teach English for a week and visit a friend while Zab stayed in London and also worked. When we were reunited, we spent more time catching up with friends and Zab's family. Just after Christmas, we rented a car and drove to visit my mum’s new house in the Costwolds, my aunt in Wales and a friend in Bristol, where we are now.

What did we spend?

  • Total spent for two people in December (31 days): £667.81
  • Average per person per day: £10.77

The pie chart:


Since we spent the majority of the time staying at Zab's house in London, our accommodation spending is very low. In fact, the entire accommodation spending was on one night in a soulless hotel near Heathrow airport before I flew out to work in Austria at 5am. While I was working in Austria, my employer paid for my accommodation, and then I stayed with a Couchsurfing friend in Linz. All subsequent visits to family and friends didn't cost us anything in terms of accommodation either.

Transport is mostly the car we hired, London public transport and a few trains I took in Austria. Miscellaneous includes a new jumper (£24) and haircut for Zab (£13), shoe repair (£9.50), a few toileteries and a birthday card for a family member.

Not included in the above total is €99.90 (£83.82) for a Vorteilscard, a card which grants 45-50% discounts on train journeys on the ÖBB network in Austria, something that will be very beneficial in the coming months as I spend a lot more time working and travelling around there. Also not included is £26.22 for the fee and postage of applying for a new UK driving license for me.

Green Park, London
Green Park, London

Indefinite Adventure around the web

On the blog

Apart from our regular features of the Travel Diary, Best Reads and Monthly Reports, these are a few of the posts we’ve put out on the blog this past month in case you missed them:

  • To answer the oft asked question “how do you rent apartments while you're travelling?”, I wrote this post.
  • Putting together all our personal experiences in the Peruvian capital, we created this guide to Lima (and we promise it's the last post about Peru on the blog. Maybe.)
  • This visit back to London made me realise there are lots of things I hadn't really said goodbye to from my old life, so I took the time to to write a post about one of them: Manor Park station.
  • Kathy, the winner of our first ever giveaway, wrote for us about her experience doing a food tour in Miami.
  • We gave our recommendations for the best viewpoints in Quito, Ecuador's capital.
  • Climbing up Cotopaxi was one of the more adventurous things we did in South America, so of course we wrote about it.
Cirencester church
Cirencester church

How was your December?

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