In the last couple of decades, we have been witnesses of rapid and drastic changes in all the aspects of life, but particularly in work styles and opportunities. More and more people have jobs that they can do from anywhere in the world provided that they have internet access. To young generations of entrepreneurs, the freedom that digital nomadic lifestyle offers is very appealing as it enables them to break free from the stifling 9-5 office routine and at the same time, explore the world and broaden their horizons.

If a life of a digital nomad is what you are looking for, for starters, you need to have a skill set, your laptop and a lot of flexibility and determination, as this endeavour is not easy. When it comes to choosing a destination, things get a bit complicated since there are a lot of things to consider. Before making any decision, you need to do a lot of research but here is where we can help. One country has emerged recently as one of the most popular destinations for digital nomads – that is Australia and here is why.

It’s a freelancing heaven


There are 4.1 million digital nomads in Australia and about a third of all working Australians are freelancers. So, if you decide to move there, you will certainly not be alone. When you’re venturing into the unknown, it’s comforting to know that you will have someone to rely on, ask for advice and discuss your problems. The digital community is big and versatile there and it’s not only a valuable support business-wise, but it’s also great for other aspects of nomadic lifestyle, such as choosing accommodation, coworking space, restaurants, and cafés.

Coworking spaces are on the rise

In order to get your work done, your laptop and good internet connection are not enough sometimes. Not everyone finds hot beaches and noisy cafés productive and inspiring for work. Many freelancers seem to prefer using shared office spaces. Australians have recognised the importance of these places and they are booming in all major cities. Finding a suitable coworking space in Sydney, for example, should be a breeze. Besides Sydney, other cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Wollongong offer great choices of hubs where you can meet like-minded people and share experiences. If you are planning to expand your business to Asian countries, then I would suggest you visit the following to find out the best coworking spaces in Singapore which you can use to get your business activities started with minimum expenditure.

You can rely on the internet connection

Working as a digital nomad means that you need a good internet connection as much as the air you breathe. Australia is a vast country that offers all the comforts of modern life in all its parts. Whether you stay in a big city or in a remote place, electricity and stable internet will be available. The quality of the internet connection may vary from place to place, but unless you’re heading straight to the dessert, you should be able to find high-speed internet. There are even places that offer after hours and weekend internet access for night owls who work across different time zones.


Language is not a barrier

Being a digital nomad and having your work based online, working with numerous and various clients across time zones, has probably forced you to become fluent in English. Lucky for you, Australia’s official language is English and everyone speaks it. It’s a great asset when doing business, but it also means you should have no trouble getting around, finding what you need, and communicating with other people.

Do you want to explore? There are options are galore!


Australia is a full package – it’s a country that offers so much variety and diversity that not many other countries in the world can boast about. There is something for everyone – thick rainforests, barren outback, endless landscapes, amazing beaches that stretch for miles, etc. The Great Ocean Road, The Great Barrier Reef, Tasmania, Queensland, mystical Uluru and Kings Canyon are just some of the places worth mentioning and visiting. The sights to explore in your free time are plenty but distances are vast, so be prepared and don’t leave transportation to chance. Doing homework and planning are the basis of success. Be prepared to deal with the unexpected, uncomfortable and inconvenient but keep a positive attitude.


Final thoughts

Australia is a beautiful and unique country that has a lot to offer in terms of life and work opportunities. But when you’re more than just a tourist, it would be wise to prepare well in advance. Do the research and be sure you know what you’re getting into. It’s not advisable to just dive in and hope for the best or that things will simply fall into their place and everything will work out on its own. The key is to know yourself well, recognise your capabilities and flaws, and be able to adapt to new and challenging circumstances.

About the author

David Webb is a Sydney-based business consultant and online marketing analyst. With six years of experience and a degree in online business strategies, he is driven to help people to better understand this new digital age. In his free time, David enjoys writing, travelling and an occasional night out with his friends. Check out his blog, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


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