Luckily for us digital nomads, it is quite common in Mexico for people to work from cafés. This means that staff working in many cafés are quite used to having people sit around for hours on their laptops, so you won't stand out doing so, assuming you pick the right places. Here is our guide to the best cafés in Mexico City for digital nomads, organised by neighbourhood. Expect to pay around M$30-60 for a tea or coffee in most of these places.

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Tomás – Casa Editora de Té

This cosy tea house with over 100 kinds of tea to choose from makes for a nice little place to work for a couple of hours. The friendly staff will help you choose the best kind of tea for your current mood from the wide selection of black, green, yellow, pu-erh, oolong and herbal teas, brew it for you and serve it to you either hot or cold.

There tables are not very big, but there are several power outlets and the wifi is reliable, and it's clearly a popular place for people to work from or have informal meetings, so you won't be alone working there. There are some cakes but unfortunately nothing vegan. It's pet-friendly too, so you may encounter some fur babies wandering around!



While this place might not seem like the most obvious work-friendly spot, it does have some merit. The tables are small and there are now power outlets, but the wifi is fast and the coffee is excellent. The staff are good-looking too, which doesn't hurt!

They have vegan coconut cookies and the aesthetic is as hipster as can be. As the name suggests, it's a small space but is clearly popular with laptop workers nonetheless, so you won't be out of place working here if you can grab a spot.

digital nomad cafe mexico city chiquitito



This small café has a nice, chilled out vibe and large enough tables with several power sockets and decent wifi. The hot chocolate is particularly good, but unfortunately they don't have anything vegan to eat. Perhaps one of their salads could be veganised if you ask nicely.

It's not an uncommon place for people to work on their laptops, so you won't be alone, but means it's an easy place to stay for a while on a single drink.

digital nomad cafe mexico city enhorabuena




Another delightful tea house, this place has a nice range of seating options, inside and out in a calm, peaceful setting with plenty of shade to shield you from the harsh midday Mexican sun. There are only a few power sockets but the wifi works fine.

They occasionally have vegan cookies to accompany your tea, which the super friendly staff will help you pick out if you're unsure what you want from the menu. Sitting there for a couple of hours on one pot of tea doesn't seem to be a problem, and you'll be happily left alone to work.


Cafebrería el Péndulo

With multiple locations around the city, perhaps our favourite of this bookshop and café chain in Mexico City was in Polanco. It's a good place to work surrounded by books, which I found to be quite inspiring.

Staff are not the most enthusiastic or friendly but they'll more or less leave you alone. There aren't many power sockets and some of the tables are a bit small for two people to both work at, but the wifi is decent and the ambiance of the place otherwise makes up for these shortcomings.


Roma Norte


This super hipster café is clearly a popular place for people to work on their laptops from and the large tables, fast wifi and delicious coffee are good reasons to come. They also have some nice teas that can be served iced, which make for a refreshing alternative to coffee on a hot afternoon.

There seemingly aren't any power outlets, but it's calm, spacious and makes for a good spot to bang out some work for a couple of hours. There are some baked goods available, but nothing vegan.


Cardinal Casa de Café

Here, the wifi is fast, there are a few power sockets indoors and people seem to like it as a work spot: you'll see several other students, expats and digital nomads working on their laptops here.

As well as their coffee, which they clearly take a lot of pride in perfecting, they offer a few interesting teas and infusions such as cocoa shell tea, which is delightful. If you sit outside as you may end up sitting in the sun and get burned if you're not careful.

digital nomad cafe mexico city cardinal



Ojo de Agua at Milán 44

This chain café/restaurant with several branches around Mexico City serves healthy meals and snacks (with some vegan options) and an enormous range of juices, smoothies and flavoured waters. This branch inside the super cool food complex, Milán 44, is also a pretty decent work spot. A litre of freshly made juice can cost as little as M$60!

You order and pay at the counter, so once you're working you'll pretty much be left alone. Tables are nice and big and there are some power sockets at the tables by the walls and the wifi is reliable. It may be a bit noisy, though with all the people coming and going for the market section as well as inevitable roadworks going on outside.


Here's a useful Google Map of all the places mentioned in this guide:

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