While you've probably heard of the Danube, the longest river in the EU, you've probably not heard of Linz, Austria's third largest city after Vienna and Graz.

Unlike in Vienna, the Danube runs right through the centre of Linz, and is a big characteristic of the city, with much of the outdoor life in the city focusing on the river. And it was here, on the banks of the Danube, in Alt Urfahr that I stumbled upon Die Donauwirtinnen, an organic restaurant in a quiet but charming residential area of town looking across to the historical centre of the city.


It was one of the places I walked past on multiple occasions, but never got around to going in until a few weeks ago with a good Austrian friend of mine.

Since it was lunch time when we finally visited, we opted for the lunch menu (€9.90 for a meat option, €9.50 for vegetarian) that includes a soup and a main. The starter, a clear soup with tofu, celery, pepper and parsley was light and refreshing, but also generous enough that it felt like more than just a sip of vegetable water.


I was a little disappointed with the main course, which that day was meant to be sausage, some kind of vegetable puree and pan-fried vegetables, but since the non-meat option that day happened to be vegetarian rather than vegan, we only got the pan-fried vegetables (potato, cauliflower, parsnip and carrots with spinach), which were still very tasty, though a little small.


Looking at the regular menu afterwards, however, I was pleasantly surprised to see several vegan options marked as such, including a tofu, lavender and potato stew with homemade sourdough bread and a savory tart with carrot cream, braised vegetables and pesto as well as a couple of other soups.

And when some place has vegan desserts, I have to try them, so I opted for the chocolate and apple compote, served in a cute little glass. It was not overly sweet and just large enough to fill the gaps left by the main meal.


Other than the food and location, what really impressed me about Die Donauwirtinnen was their commitment to using organic and local ingredients, something which they are clearly proud of. All the ingredients (except for the coffee and chocolate) come from within a 40km radius of Linz, and on the menu and website there is a list of all their suppliers' names, what they supply and where exactly they are.


  • Open: 11:00-22:00 except Mondays (lunch menu 12:00-14:00 Tuesday-Friday)
  • Address: Webergasse 2, 4040, Linz
  • Telephone: +43 732 73 77 06
  • Foursquare; Facebook; website

Many thanks to Franziska from the Linz Tourism Board who kindly arranged a complimentary meal for me and my friend at Donauwirtinnen. She did not request that I write a favorable review, and my opinions are, and always will be, my own.

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